Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


@Wallet111, There will be testnets before Alpha 2 release. That image is talking only of the alpha/beta releases without considering the testnets that will be released in between and during alpha/beta releases


I thought the plan was currently full-steam ahead into Alpha2. And since the browser, many of the APIs, several example apps for authenticator, and the documentation have been mostly completed I don’t think @Wallet111’s prediction is unfounded.

Don’t forget, Alpha2 is the centralized App Dev Net to replace the early-terminated Alpha1. There isn’t any core routing logic etc to test that would require a test net.

That’s my understanding


That’s not my understanding. I’ll look for the quote now.

Just look at this post from 5 days ago, in response to question of the next “test” network


Hmm, strange context but also Alphas can come from testnets. But even still, from the conversations I’ve read, the goal of Alpha2 was changed around a month ago due to community input, and that’s still my understanding of the team’s current goal for it:

Centralised Alpha2 without vaults from home, so everyone can focus on making SAFE apps like SAFE-FS, Decorum, NVO etc asap, instead of waiting for more testnets and routing etc.

And I was very happy when the team agreed to that, due to the community input


Gotta remember that when talking of alphas there is the understanding of testnets help form the alphas. Just because the goals of alpha 2 were changed and saw that series of tests nets abandoned does not mean that alpha2 will not need some testnets beforehand.


:joy: :joy::joy: We might see TEST 20 tomorrow, but no Alpha 2 for sure. But this is the speculation thread isn’t it, so keep the speculation going ;-).


From last dev update

So I see that means we are looking at a testnet as the next network


I’ll dig around in the morning for all the discussions that gave me my current understanding.

But it’s 3:04am so goodnight all :slight_smile:


There have been so many changes I’d be surprised if the next network were Alpha and not a test.

As you say though, if the next test works well, it could become Alpha 2.

However it goes, it’ll be very exciting to see MD up & running and see what app devs do with it :slight_smile:


I confirm @neo @polpolrene saying what we can expect is a test network. If that’s fine it becomes alpha2. If not there will be another test and so on.

I do not expect a test this week looking at repos (MD PR hadn’t been merged yesterday AFAIK), because maidsafe usually like to run their own soak tests, and then open it up to the public as a test. My guess is next week.

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The last time I posted something like I did above, a response of soak tests are needed first in house. Then as long as all goes well, a test net is released and then that test net would become Alpha 2 if all goes well.

I believe that’s the process?


Does anyone know how far we are on the road map?


I thought we are still loading the car?


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All the Alpha 2 mumbo jumbo has detracted from how sharp is looking. I have not been on there for a while so I may be late to the party but it’s looking good! :fireworks:



Still guessing this week good sir?


Ask me Thursday :wink:


Lol or Friday for that matter