Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D



What does this mean in layman’s terms?


The master branche is like the “real” branche, so if people pick the MaidSafe code from GitHub that’s what they get. It means the code is tested and found to be okay.

The dev branch is still being tested, you could grab that code as well but is more for devs and testing purposes.


Thank you for your previous answer. One more question, what is a build script?


If you want to “build” the Vault like I did in this topic several programs interact with each other. So the script is run to pick code from GitHub, start the right program at the right time and merge all these different modules toghether in the right form. It looks a bit like this in the terminal:

At the end, hopefully you’ll end up with a binary or something :grin:.


I don’t know about you lot, but I’m mentally exhausted from the last month or two and could really do with a MAID release of some kind this week. I know that whenever it comes it will have been worth waiting for, but it was a painful wait before this boom, now it has become seriously agonising. :sweat:

It doesn’t help the situation to moan about it, but sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved lol :wink:


Only sometimes…

You are just moaning.

Only kidding - I know how you feel :slight_smile:


I hope we get the run down on datachains and some enthusiastic news about how well early in house tests are fairing with MD.
I would be very surprised if a test is released.
I feel where you are coming from, but I think the right update may keep me going for another week.
My biggest fear is MD turning into another drawn out affair that goes on way longer than expected, that would drain my batteries.

Edit: and some good news on mobile, I don’t recall any word on mobile last week?


You only drain your batteries if you excercise, according to Trump :wink:


TEST 20??

Who knows :yum:


Routing at version 0.29:

Self Encryption at version 0.8.1:


Nice optimizations between routing and crust!


Agonizing…yes, a little news would be nice.


I used to look forward to Fridays, now the weekend really starts on Thursday evenings.


dum diddy dum… I wonder what the news will be tonight?

speculations anyone?



I’m hoping to hear in house MD testing has gone well and we’ll see a new testnet in a couple to few days :grin: and then I hope someone makes some dynamic websites


I’m hoping for something. I’m sick of all the ETH hype to be honest.


I hope for big news too.


I know testing is still needed,etc, but this made me happy.


Alpha 2 may be announce tomorrow


Will be ready for an exciting dev update call for anyone needing assistance, answers etc!