Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


The sooner MD gets here the better imo but having something to test against is also essential for developers. It’s kinda foggy looking at what’s first priority at this short blip in time. I do think maidsafe is the wrong team to mess with though :wink:


Maidsafe-hosted, invite-only (and therefore more stable) network including MD would be awesome!
This would basically turn my weekend into a coding session. :smiley:

However, a maidsafe-hosted, invite-only Alpha, directly followed by MD test releases would also be quiet nice.


I think to coin another alpha it would need more than Alpha 1 with invites :slight_smile: at this point the name is meaningless to me. Give the attacker half a point for stalling Alpha 2 and move on to squash him/her/them like a fly another day.


How far along do you guys think data chains is? Is it at a point where it could immediately be put into place once the prerequisite components like node ageing are completed?

For me data chains = beta :relaxed:


I think data chains itself is actually pretty far along but routing has to catch up. The design and implementation of disjoint sections was the first big step towards that and it looks like maybe the section versions is another step along with key as node name, I believe. These are just assumptions I’m making based off what I’ve read and following github as much as possible.

What I am entirely confused by is whether node age needs to come before data chains or vice versa because I feel like I’ve read conflicting things but again, I’m uncertain there anyways.


Actually it would be Alpha 1 + Disjoint groups + many other improvements + invite-only which would be enough to call it Alpha 2 and which was actually the plan from what I know (just without the invite thing ofc :wink:

However it’s called, my main point is it should be something which puts an end to current testing cycles and allows merging/testing MD code. :slight_smile: I think that’s the no. 1 thing devs are currently waiting for, respectively holding them back from developing apps.


It would not be “Alpha 1 with invites”, it would be Test-16 with invites. Why would that be bad? Why not get that in place, so people can code against it?


It cant really be test 16 as is unless whitelists or something else to prevent messing about with vaults will be added… it’s possible, hence I ask for educated guesses as to what route the team will take :wink:

I think test 16 with invites without vaults from home is good too. We all want nearly the same thing.
I am saying what it is called is not hugely important.
@Mindphreaker is correct, I was understating the advances on Alpha 1, but I still dont think it’s enough to be called Alpha 2 or even (Alpha 1.1 it could be but to what reason?) without either vaults from home or MD added to the mix.


The plan was always for Test 15 (16) to become Alpha 2. I’m not sure what your point is. You say “what it’s called is not hugely important”, so call a Maidsafe hosted Test 16, Alpha 2.

It seems like you’re moving the goal post


Not a prediction, but I’m looking forward to the Web API with MD, documentation, tutorials & example apps. That will be a really great milestone, and great to get to grips with and share.

EDIT: w00t! This is the new alpha 2, so I won’t have long to wait :slight_smile:



I want MD so I can see and play with decorum and other apps.

So many cool v1s on the way.

Testsafecoin will probably be the massive boon for MAID coins, but MD will give us a flood of enthusiasm with all the new toys that appear. It should get the community buzzing which will be great fun.


Merged into Mutable-Data:


Just to clarify this is the upstream routing master being merged into the MD branch not the other way around.


what does that mean?


Yeah, did confuse me the last time. looks like it’s merged into routing, but it is a bit different.

EDIT: Here’s the link to the sub part of routing called "mutable-data’.


@Wallet111 it means Mutable Data is not in the master branch for routing that is used. Instead since there have been changes in the routing master branch, those changes get merged into the mutable data branch to keep it up to date. Hope that helps


TLDR; not ready for us! :wink:


Was the point I was making :wink:


it is Thursday today, right ? :7


maybe they preparing some good news:)