Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


New mystery in town: The Fake Clock


You beat me!!! Was just about to post that :stuck_out_tongue:


It jingles for Fake News. Until it is smashed after a few minutes.


Wild guess, keeps time of sorts to limit account creation?


Yeah my guess was kind of like an Authy type feature where a token is sent or given but is only relevant for a relatively short duration. And hopefully only one account per LAN not just one vault per LAN. Till we get further along anyways. Excited for today’s update to find out more.


A message to the “genius” who filled test 15.

The community here has been very gracious in response to you and your pointless actions, testament to the stature of the people here.

I do feel you should be told that what you have done is tantamount to taking candy from a baby, it is deplorable and only proves you lack intelligence.
You hindered a few people from creating accounts and participation in the test.
You did not expose any issues or problems with the network but showed that the best you can do is walk through an open door.
It required zero skill as there was nothing in place to prevent you or any other person with limited abilities from achieving what you did.

Im sure that you are proud of your pointless accomplishment. Loser is the only word that comes to my mind.
Better luck next time, perhaps you can stumble across something that matters.


At least they didn’t save it for alpha…


That’s true, and if you think about it they could have had good intentions and wanted to show an obvious weak point that could affect the alpha 2 launch.

More than likely though it was probably someone that was shorting the market.


Merged with master:

Version update:

Another version update:

Proposed version update for Crust.


Mutable Data just got merged with master. Big thumbs up to the team at @maidsafe :+1:. Amazing work!

This one merged as well.





small correction, not to master but to the mutable-data branch :slight_smile:


And it’s in the Routing repo, I assume MutableData will have to be finalized in several other repo’s as well before it’s ready for use?


Yep, safe_vault has a WIP PR for its integration and a lot has been covered by the guys working there, but yeh still very much in progress tasks.


Ahh, I see. It appeared in Routing indeed, looks a bit different than it is.

Nice work anyway, but we’ll have to wait until it’s in all the desired repo’s.



PR waiting for Routing, it’s a version update to version 0.28.5

Safe core update (PR) to version 0.23.0

Vault arrived at version 0.14.0


So work is being done on a test safe dating app?


Section Versions merged. The DataChains a little closer…


Who dares to hypothesize on what tomorrow’s update will bring?
I’d be happy to wait until node aging and data republish are in place before we see vaults from home again. Until then we can hopefully soon have a invite only hosted network with the mutable data api? What are the chances