Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Nice to see some JavaFx. It seems like a good bed fellow for portable UI apps on safe net.


It surprises me how much work in vaults etc is required to make MD work! Thought it would be a pretty straightforward and small change to make


Around a week ago, Ben said a few weeks to implement Mutable Data, so I think maybe this month or if not April.


I started work 3 hours early today, hoping I will be done in time for the update.

I probably need to get some help…
Based on the assumption we going to get some new vaults! hopefully I’m not setting myself up for disappointment.


Isn’t the update due like 30 hours from now.

EDIT: blurred out my senior moment :wink:


It’s Thursday morning in the UK so I’d guess more like 9 hours.


I certainly hope not… normally 3pm-ish my time. 8 hours away.


Haha I have my days wrong. I thought it was still Wednesday here. But its 10pm thursday


maidsafe/maidsafe_utilities arrived at version 0.10.1

maidsafe/routing arrived at version 0.28.2

Vaults got an update as well:


Launcher is getting updates :neutral_face: I thought we would be getting Authenticator. Nothing to do but wait and see :confounded:

Pre-Dev-Update topic (off-topic discussion)

I wouldn’t be surprised if we have TEST 12c with the Launcher and Demo_app. So much work done in paralel that we can’t have it all on the same day. So with 12c we’ll focus on all the routing updates, and it will probably run for at least 1 or 2 weeks. If that runs stable they can always bring us the Browser with Authenticator at a later moment. So I would say no worries, we’ll get there in the end ;-).


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I just cleaned up several replies here, and 1 particular user got banned for trolling and the usage of 3 extra sock puppet accounts. Maybe some more cleanup tomorrow here, as things got a bit off-topic ;-).


I think this might have been a purposeful typo haha (!ninja’d!)

was wondering when that guy would get the boot :stuck_out_tongue:


How did I know??? Haha glad we didn’t spend too much time on it @Jabba


The Java email app got some fixes merged as being part of safe_examples.


It’s nearly that time again and nobody posted here yet!

I’m not expecting anything today, maybe nobody else is either.

Good chance for MaidSafe to surprise us?!

EDIT: Dang it… They did. I wasn’t expecting the :crescent_moon: on a stick!


All I hear are crickets… Chirp… Chirp :slight_smile:


test 15 test 15 test 15!

yay… /bring on alpha2 asap! :grin:


Crust arrived at version 0.22.1