Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


My bad nevermind

I was up at 3am and my phone said Thursday

Don’t mind me LOL


This one just got merged:


One thing I don’t understand…

When I look at maidsafe github page, it would list from recent update to oldest update. When I look at recent update, “update 4 hours ago.” So I click on the safe_vault. Click on commit tab. It would say, “update 16 hours ago.” I switch to different branch, and it would say, “updated a month ago”

What gives? Do they have secret branch they’re not sharing?


@Grizmoblust This is the tricky part about team stalking! You have to find which one of the devs is the one that that info is coming from. So say routing says update 3 hours ago in maidsafecoin repos. First check merge requests, if not that then branches, if still not, find out which devs contribute to that code and then go to their page and you can find what you’re looking for in their branches. :wink:

I highly recommend iOctocat for iOS. GitHub changed their recent activity stream awhile ago to something very convoluted. But iOctocat has this easy to see stream of activity for all repos within maidsafe


The Authenticator is about to be packed with the SAFE Browser :cake:.


Hell yeah!!!


Crust arrived at version 0.22


Was glad to see this pull request this morning :slight_smile: crust is coming together nicely. Should be working on android and iOS now too I believe. Excited for mobile!!!


Looks like we’re gonna have test 12c this week. Cross fingers


Could it be that… elaborate!


I have somewhat high hopes of a Big Bang after a hopefully successful test12c. Although we’re still waiting for vaults to be ported to mutable data. Things will then get that much more serious and will be a huge wave of excitement.


What happened to the DNS in safe_client_libs , under dev branch?


Hopefully this week is the week we finally get Authenticator / MD!!!

Feel like I’m always here saying this haha sorry for spam…

Just want to make new things!!!


I can’t wait to see what you do and examples you set for others with MD @whiteoutmashups


I have it on good authority that I don’t know :slight_smile:


How did you do that effect?


Last icon on the reply entry box menu (the circle/gear) and choose blur

You can simply type [ spoiler ] text to be blurred [ /spoiler ]

remove the spaces between ‘[’ ‘]’ and word spoiler

like this






Looks like email app is still using structured and apppendable data so no mutable data yet BUT it also looks like its using Authenticator, as it seems @polpolrene is eluding to :slight_smile: