Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Crust now at version 0.21.0

Gotta love this community :point_down:

Here’s the request by someone (:nerd:) to add an estimation in the Vault-log for networksize. Below the great reply by @Fraser

@tfa put up a PR to get this added to the codebase.

Thank you very much for putting work into this!

User run network based on test 12b binaries

impressive how the parallel development-lines in routing look like lately

the last 3 days: Oo


Nice work @tfa


API Documentation #26



Just merged

This one as well.


This “hosting manager” seems like it would make a good natural connection point between the safe network and http. I still regard http support as something that safe will want to implement for the purpose of ubiquity.


This must be the biggest PR ever for SAFE. I wanted to make a bigger screenshot but ran out of pixels :grinning:.


Itching to get devv-ing further!!!

Hope Thursday brings the new data type and maybe authenticator as well!!!

I know there’s many of us who have been on the edge of our seat waiting for these things so we can create next level apps!!


I’m a cheap date, all I want is a stable vault from home.


Same with me. Stable vaults I believe will be a huge piece to the puzzle just based on the sheer time it has taken for this step of development. Thursday can’t come soon enough!


Stable vaults from home is not a cheap date. Getting stable vaults is more like your date proposing marriage, it is huge deal. lol :smile:

And Safecoin is the wedding :wink:


True. None the less I have that warm fuzzy feeling telling me ‘this’ may be the one. :wink:


Maidsafe has been dating the community for over a decade, it’s about time they propose :wink:


I’d love to see stable vaults from home in the next test, but feel that is unlikely.

In the wild testing always throws up new challenges, and I’d think a number more test iterations will be needed before there’s a network that can last a few weeks. To go from around 2 days max to ‘stable’ in one step seems improbable, but of course I hope to be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:


Doesn’t it need data chains and node aging to be really stable?

MD data type in safe-js / public repo for authenticator should be much simpler things to be asking for than finished polished nodes


There is no arguing that…

My very non-technical argument against this being that Maidsafe were feeling so confident that after 12 they assumed only 1 more test may be needed to move onto Alpha 2, that suggests to me that they were/are very confident it will be stable enough to succeed Alpha 1 without many more tests.
Granted the next test will be the 3rd, one more than they felt would be required… but there must be a high level of confidence from the team that it is very close to being stable enough to take it to the people outside of this community.
It could be that they really wanted to take Alpha 2 on tour with them now so… perhaps they were overly optimistic for that reason.


TEST 12 brought a bunch of new features, like Disjoint Groups. This is a very big change and improvement. So to test these features they needed TEST 12. And as they found several small issues, they optimized the code and gave us 12b. Now they’ve optimized again and probably bring us 12c this or next week. But it’s all to test these new features as implemented over the last 4 months (that’s why it’s all TEST 12x because we test the same features). As they’ve seen TEST 12 and 12b they implemented “aggressive_churn” which tells me 12 and 12b where already quite good, so now more aggressive testing is applied.


I’ve my fingers crossed


MAID-1964 : Add Auto-releasing features #11