Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


No update tonight ? :sweat:


@leonmeitor I just had to laugh mate, sort of accurate though lol Good one.


Never gonna give you up […] (singing)


Don’t know for sure, but this might give less people the Rick Astley experience in coming releases:


Sorry would someone mind translating the above into English please?


12B 2 sleeps or more?


I don’t know the details of this. Looks like the bootstrapserver (first connection of your Vault to get addresses of other Vaults) forces your node to open a port or something. Otherwise no other Vault could connect to you anyway. Or something like that :grin:.


Routing (upcoming) updates:


@polpolrene Does this mean community run test nets will be possible???


I don’t know if this affects that. But it should already be possible to start a testnet as far as I know.


And even more activity.


Just merged:

Maid 1943 browsing facilities #14


[WIP] Tests for mutable data api #19


Don’t want to be too speculative but does anyone else here think that safe_appjs and authenticator are coming with test 12b?


That would be awesome to introduce the new way of working for dabbling devs, and make it easier for people to get started with browsing from a single download.

Excited for Thursday, and hope they’ll announce test 12b, though previously I seem to remember that with the tests there was usually 1 dev update saying the test results, then another week before the follow up test.

Edit: well, it definitely won’t be announced on Thursday… Wednesday is even better :smiley:


As you may now have realised this was done for test 12b and unlikely to remain long term when hole punching doesn’t have the socket problem.

Although a seed node, especially the first node would still need uPNP or port forwarding if behind a NAT router since there is no network yet for hole punching to work.


Looks like it’s really really close :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the end of the Launcher and Demo App today. Make sure to grab a copy and store it somewhere ;-).


fingers crossed, fingers crossed! :slight_smile:


And toes. Don’t forget the toes…


Test 12b seems to be a success. I’m sure it will be sprung on us much like Alpha 1. Who is willing to hazard a guess?


Having seen who the other fellow is that likes your prediction makes me like it even more.