Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


That’s the expectation


New release launcher (0.10.1):

EDIT: No binaries though :yum: We need to wait until the update I guess.


I hope it’s SAFE to assume that!!


I thought launcher was being built into the browser?

vault has also got a release without binaries btw :wink:


@aenemic That will come a little later along with mutable data. For now these tests are focusing on resource proof and the new routing paradigm


So basically the valuts can be downloaded from Github right now, we would just need to compile them ourselves? :smile:


I just had this really mean idea of creating a fake new topic named:

MaidSafe Dev Update - February 2, 2017

but then my better part got hold of me. I mean, there must be limits to cruelty :wink:


“Alpha 2 released today!” would be more cruel :wink:


“China bans MaidSafeCoin!”



“David Irvine un-masked to be Satoshi Nakamoto”


“BBC: Inventor Bitcoin turns out to be from Scotland, is now working on something even bigger”


Please, if it’s from BBC and about Scotland it would be more like “Financial Terrorist unmasked in Scotland, now he’s helping terrorists hide”


And the BBC doesn’t want him to be Scot free?


Crypto really needs its version of The Onion …

Actually crypto’s often its own version of The Onion, but still … :wink:

The Bunion.


do you have the linkl of that ???


I wished :wink:


you just killed my dreams D: :stuck_out_tongue:


just in…


Looks like they are burning the night oil this evening! :slight_smile:


Im dying come on ://