Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Very excited about tomorrow’s update!! I have a good feeling.


Me too… hours away. Though im not really confident or even thinking vaults and testnet will be announced… lets see. As someone once said… patience is a virtue.


Implement the remaining Mutable data api #8




Crust now at version 0.20.1


Routing seeing some updates coming as well :slight_smile:

+## [0.28.0]
± Profile the bandwidth of nodes joining the network. Reject slow nodes.
± Organise nodes into disjoint sections. Introduce the Section and

  • PrefixSection authorities.
    ± Maintain lists of signatures of neighbouring sections, which will enable
  • secure message validation.
    ± Accumulate messages in the sending group/section, then send the messages with
  • all the signatures across a single route. This reduces the number of total
  • invididual hop messages that need to be sent.
    ± Routes are now disjoint: Retrying to send a message along a different route
  • cannot potentially fail on the same node again.
    ± Merge the routing_table crate into routing.
    ± Remove the internal event handling thread. Events should be handled in the
  • upper library’s event loop. That way, some message passing can be replaced by
  • direct calls to routing methods.
    ± Remove the PlainData type which was only used in tests.


I’m wondering how slow is too slow. Can it be a problem for people trying to use the network from developing countries? Or is it just for vaults, and slow clients can still use the network just fine?


I believe dirvine said that less than 1mb, vaults will drop. Users still able to run safenet.


in another thread i think it was mentioned that for this test it was 1Mbps uploadspeed for running vaults.


That was clarified to be 1MB/s (MByte/sec) rather than 1Mbps (Mbit per sec)


The limitations are only for Vaults. So everybody is able to connect to the network as a client (at least in the future). The limitations are quite strict as a start, but might be changed to lower settings.


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The SAFE Authenticator is now officially part of the SAFE Browser :+1:


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The Vault arrived at version 0.13


Is it SAFE to say “Today is going to be a great day”? :wink:


Today is going to be a great and SAFE day.


really hope you both are right. that would really SAFE my day! :wink:


Can’t wait to see the new updates


Do you think we’l be able to run Vault from home?