Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Whenever these new vaults are ready, will that have put us in “Alpha 2?”


Good question but my assumption is what @polpolrene was just hinting at, that something such as that will be tested quietly in the background and sprung on us. Which is for the best so there so there is no indication for pump and dumpers to play their game.


Is it true that the Safe network becomes pretty much inevitable? - if alpha 2 includes non-hosted vaults (which based on Davids last post will be featured in the next update) - not this weeks but next weeks based on ‘a few more days’


Yes I’ve heard people use that word before, to describe SAFE


My guess is that term will be coined once data chains and node aging are added and tested in the wild.


The full quote is:

The “at least” part tells us that it might be 2 weeks as well. Not because the devs aren’t working hard enough on it but because a weird bug may show up or something. Disjoint Groups is quite an overhaul and David said in an interview that this would’ve taken a year on C++. Resource proof is completely new. So it’s testing, debugging, testing, debugging etc. So great if we have Vaults next week, might be a bit later as well IMO.


I remember Nick Lambert said that by the end of 2017 there are plans to increase the Maidsafe workforce by quite a number of people. Does this mean that Beta and 1.0 could still be released before then, and that there will still be staff working on the project to take care of additional apps (SAFE Exchange!?) and such? Data Chains sounds like another major update after Vaults are working, hopefully not as long as Disjoint Sections… but any word on how long Data Chains could take compared to Disjoint Sections? (Supposedly there was a 3 month rut in the project because of how complex DS was, and learning how it would’ve taken a year in C++ is a good perspective.)


The information listed below can be found at -

Our current development focus within the network is to enable user run Vaults and to combine the current data centre hosted alpha network and Test 10.
The high level tasks to enable this objective are to complete the implementation of disjoint groups and to complete the design and implementation of the node aging RFC. Following the completion of this primary objective, we will then focus on the implementation of data chains, which it is anticipated will provide data republish capability.
Within the SAFE Client, we will continue to release developer focussed tutorials as new functionality is released via the Launcher APIs.


I’ve seen somewhere that David said that data chains passes tests but am sure it would still need some work to some capacity. Also new devs Diggory and Michael have poked at data chains a little recently. Can’t say for sure on this but don’t think it’s nearly as complicated as disjoint sections


“few days”

With combination of valve time

I wager… a month out. :smiley:


OMG can’t tell you how happy I am to hear this :smiley: :smiley: waiting many many months between large updates was killing me :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I could help more; wish I was an experienced network dev who knows Rust and has 25+ years experience (but I haven’t even been alive that long!!)

But I’ll stick to my cute little web apps at least for now :slight_smile: I think / hope they’re useful enough at this point in SAFE


There fixed that for ye :smiley:


Sorry, my self-centric Millenial-ness is showing :blush:


Just 3 more sleeps…

Fingers crossed for some cool new development.

Each small step for maidsafe is a giant leap for mankind :wink:



Lolol this is what my children measure by!!! I’ll have to start measuring dev updates like this as well :joy:


My boy does too, but then he sometimes gets very confused after a midday nap.


Last time I told him we were going to see his cousins in London after one more sleep, I turned around to find he’d screwed his face up tight, eyes squished closed, trying to fall asleep to speed things along (basically looking constipated)… :joy:

Kids are too funny!


When something is merged on Github, does it means the code is complete and being put into usage?


It means it’s passed initial local tests and probably heading for network testing. We create test networks internally to do this. It depends what library, but anything up to an including vaults heads for network testing on droplets. We are tightening that up a lot now as well so that we do not suffer any breaking changes that pass local tests but fail on real networks. It’s the last parts of the process really so assuming no bugs then it becomes part of a release. There may be more parts required though as we do not do releases on every commit, but prior to every public testnet really.


Thank you for such a quick and in-depth response!

Had to add, this is why I love this project! All you have to do is ask the question and someone will answer you. Even the main man himself will take the time to do it!


Crust arrived at version 0.20

Routing merged PRs over last 2 days.