Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


I have not been this excited about a new test since probably Test 1.


Anything fun tomorrow or just a normal update? Price has been bumped a bit probably some p&d spam




I think the p&d ers didn’t realise the update is on thursday

And you know the worse thing about thursday updates is. It’ll come out at the same time of day which is early my Friday morning and I’ll be sound asleep as always.


Crust at version 0.20.0

API Link


Someone twitted on a ‘fake’ maidsafe twitter account that they predicted something major would be released this evening but this was likely to be someone who was behind the recent maid safe ‘pump’. No doubt they have now sold all their coins. It’s a shame good projects like this are not protected from pump and dump schemes.

My prediction is that there will be no major release this evening but a normal update about the last weeks progress and that the price will plummet. Lets see if I’m right and the comment on the fake twitter account was based on fallacy or not.


If there was likely to be a major release I’m sure the team would have made contact with the press by now as i doubt they are likely to make an announcement to us before them!


It felt like the press might have taken advantage last time with the pre-buying just before the release. Maidsafe were very sensible/honourable to not move any coins to exchanges until after the press announcement, but it felt to me a bit like some of the journalists and their pals might have been less scrupulous.

Perhaps it is just the press buying their insider knowledge again? Or perhaps you’re right and it is unfounded, and just crypto community optimism that it is coming very soon. I’m not sure it needs to be a pump and dump group though does it? There’s a lot of excitement about this release. It’s natural for prices to spike as we get closer to vaults-from-home again isn’t it? Traders also want to profit from the rise they are predicting. When they take that profit the price will fall again. That doesn’t make it a pump and dump though, it’s just a typical, unregulated, volatile, small, purely speculative market imo.

I hope your prediction is wrong anyway, I really want to see vaults-from-home working smoothly. I’ll be pumped if we get some vaults to play with tonight, and I won’t care if the price jumps or dumps in the short term, it’s all good news when things are moving us towards our goals :). Meh to short term prices


Yes, it won’t be tonight I think, times against us. We are still running tests on resource_proof so may be a few more days at least. As you say we want smooth tests, but we don’t want to give community bugs we know, so we will test those are all gone first.

It’s happening though, the tests are running, being rerun and (hopefully) finale tweaks being made, we will see though, it’s all debugging so we cannot be precise. I won’t spoil the update, but just want to put us all in a similar page wrt progress. Anyway update in a few hours, there’s plenty happening as usual though :wink:


It takes balls to create something new!

Joke aside, it’s great to hear of the progress & it’ll be worth the wait when it’s all running from people’s home computers.

Looking forward to the update tonight and seeing the progress in the coming weeks & months.


weeeeee! That is just about as good as getting it tonight to play with. If we are indeed likely to get vaults in January then things are really looking good and you have put a big smile on my face David. Yay!



Maybe the introduction on the yuanbao BTC trade sector has also something to do with the recent increase of MAID, besides the ‘fake’ maidsafe twitter you speak of?


why would that make the value of safe coin go up ?


And on that news the price of safe coin has just dropped, predictable


It’s great that you take time out to reply to this thread within 20 minutes and ‘reassure us that there will be a development in the next few days’ no doubt this will go someway towards ‘helping to keep the price of safe coin where it is’.


Lol keep it in the trader thread please :stuck_out_tongue:

This is about development & progress


True I was merely stating what the obvious effects of comments about ‘developments and progress’ are in relation to the price of safe coin…The two are directly related…are they not?


Yes typing in hangout and on signal is not great :slight_smile:


I looked around a bit but I couldn’t find any fake account or people spreading “fake news” on twitter using hashtags like #maid $maid or “maidsafe” or something like that. They might have deleted it. I would be surprised if people really would fall for stuff like that. Maidsafe (the company) is very open with weekly updates. I don’t have a hard time following what they’re doing. The SAFE community here has their eyes open as well, and we also share our views when we see something interesting on GitHub. But even when you follow GH closely you still might be surprised with an update or new testnet. The devs are smart enough not to post new binaries to the repo and inform the community several hours later :yum:. It’s probably the other way around again. And nobody knows until we see a new updated topic here on the forum.


the twitter account i’m talking about deleted the comment yesterday