Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


I have been thinking about mobile apps recently and the cost involved in having a quality mobile app built. A web search suggests 150K and up.
is there anybody on here that can shed some light on the costs, will good apps on SAFE require similar amounts of investment? I assume so.


150k is insane, Just get freelance work


I thought it is insane too, but delving in a bit further that seems to be minimal. 300k seems a good figure to get a cross platform mobile app off the ground but… not being a developer of any sorts I wonder if that’s due to the competition in those markets. Idk


@Savage You’re speaking of developers outside of maidsafe building on mobile? I know maidsafe will be using apache Cordova to build across mobile platforms and I wonder if the safe app library will aid in currently existing mobile apps to easily be ported over. Ground up though it may be difficult, folks might be hiring off odesk or the like and have to scale up from there?



I have been toying with an idea of gathering a group/collective/syndicate to pool together and be among the first to release a mobile app at launch. Being one of the few in the early days is an obvious advantage.
My idea is basically to get a few people to set equal amounts of MAID aside now. Wait until Beta or preferably release candidates and then with an better idea of what’s possible or wanted. With an expected rise in the value a of MAID around launch it would be a good time to then vote on an app and commission it to be built. (Perhaps even here similar to current CEP)
I have chicken and egg issues combined with how long is a piece of string… so an headache in other words. Perhaps to ambitious.


I totally hear you and there may be a few of us interested in joining you I suspect but many unseen hurdles will present themselves. Even now just off the dome

What app type shall be built (twitter etc)
How much functionality will we have at that time (such as a easy way to search a DB)
What price will maid be and will people feel comfortable parting with them if price is steadily rising?
How high of a cost or barrier to develop said app?

So many questions indeed.
Something as simple as secure chat on mobile or a mobile wallet will most likely be easily built or ported so could be a lot of competition.


I reeeeeeally want the authenticator :slight_smile:

Ready to make some apps for it!! Don’t want to keep making these obsolete ones based around launcher :stuck_out_tongue:

Also want authenticator so people can use my web apps on mobile!!! All my friends on FB can finally start to try then out also! SAFE needs these features to go viral :smiley:


very excited for tuesday already :slight_smile:

hoping my dreams (above) come true :smiley:


Thursday bro.

They changed the updates from this week onward… 4 more days to go :cry:

Boo. I know, sorry Will, I realised this morning and was deflated for hours too lol :wink:


Few extra days to prepare for twelve :wink:


yeah, thursday is the new tuesday :wink:


Safe_client_libs ready to work with new routing.

There was talk about automated new binaries releases some time ago, can’t find the link. But it should work something like: press button and new binaries appear for the different platforms. Would even allow nightly builds as used in other projects…

Seems like this is still a goal:


When did the Demo App change to Safe App on Github? Does this mean that it is now going to stick around?


sorry I hope it wasn’t because of my Demo App!

didn’t mean to confuse. SAFE App is a good idea :slight_smile: or “Test Data / URL Manager App” or something idk :stuck_out_tongue:


Safe App in maidsafes repo is a module for node.js developers to use as a dependency to easily integrate into safe. That’s about as far as my knowledge goes on that :stuck_out_tongue: as to if it’s used for backend stuff such as storage or what but it’s to make things nice and easy for folk and that’s good for development!


Ahh :laughing: thanks @Nigel I did not see demo app and just assumed it’s had changed name.


My pleasure @Savage! The demo app is found inside of safe examples on github for future reference :slight_smile:


No update today?! (20char)


Updates are on Thursdays now


Can’t wait til Thursday! Github notifications are making me very optimistic but they always do. :slight_smile: