Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Implement client APIs #400


Estimation when mutable data will be implemented?



Okay what is the difference between an active RFC, a proposed RFC and an Agreed RFC?


Proposed RFC - Self explanatory.

Agreed RFC - Approved but not being build yet.

Active RFC - Being build.


Account creation in the SAFE Beaker Browser…

+  "AuthIntro": {
+    "title": {
+      "welcome": "Welcome to the SAFE Authenticator"
+    },
+    "desc": {
+      "welcome": "Authenticator will act as your gateway to the SAFE Network, you can use it to access data on the network and to authorise apps to connect on your behalf.",
+      "secret": "Your 'account secret' is private and should not be shared with anyone.",
+      "password": "Your 'account password' is never stored or transmitted, it will not leave your computer."
+    }
+  },

Looks like we need the browser to create an account in the upcoming tests :yum:


Oh joy. However on the bright side if this is written in html that means it shouldn’t be too hard to create css for it and therefore modify the styles of the interface. Not only would that mean one could easily enlarge the text, change the colours and just generally change the appearance, but it would also mean it would be easier to set up multiple language options as different styles.


I predict there will be a full network launch today, if not I will eat my hat.


MAID-1839 feature/routing: resource_proof POC #1261

+    /// Request a proof to be provided by the joining node
+    ///
+    /// This is sent from Group Y to the joining node


 /// Claimed leading zero bytes to be added to proof's header so that the hash matches
+        /// the difficulty requirement
+        leading_zero_bytes: u32,


Saw this in Qi’s repo last night after reading the previous dev update where it was mentioned he was working on it. It is the first segment of node aging, of which I haven’t seen any mention or activity on github yet, so. Possibly vaults from home today to test resource proof, disjoint groups in routing, and how the network handles churn with the new routing in the wild? Stay tuned! We’ll see.


that’s a mighty big beak you have. might you contribute it to SAFE Beaker Browser?


Happy Birthday audity!!!


MAID-1811: app module #409


@polpolrene Well we aren’t launching yet so it appears you’re having hat for dinner. :smile:


I love how @polpolrene has to eat his hat for a bet that @chrisfostertv made, lol I feel like he always gets the bad end of the stick IDK why


Ah okay looks like YOU’RE getting hat dinner instead.

Good catch. Would have been a waste of superb headgear.


Don’t know if I missed this one before but “Safe core” got a new name:

Hello safe_client_libs


This is Will Gallo signing in at 1:37 am, (got here about 11 hours too early for the update lol so I’ll just post my hopes and dreams :D)

I want the authenticator to come out today!!! At least some type of early version. Very excited to learn the new paradigm and start making apps that interact with it!!! Looking to perhaps make a small test app, something like a web-based safe:// email client, just to test things out (and to show yahoo Inc.; it would really show the merit of SAFE to be empowered to make a 100% secure email service in one day while their company has had over a decade and still fails largely on a regular basis… Power of SAFE!!!)

Authenticator!!! That’s my whole Xmas dec25 wish list!!!


Quite some code merged in routing over the last week:

Also lot of code in safe_clients_libs (previous “safe core”)

Check a list of error-messages here.

MaidSafe Dev Update – December 20, 2016

Have you tasted yet?