Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


They will go in the trash and be handled by a new “language binding,” (see update) since the authenticator will only be handling authentication. It’s a great change, will simplify things a huge amount for the end user and most importantly allow SAFE apps, browsers, sites etc to start working on everyone’s mobile devices, so I’m all for it, but apps will need to use a new language binding instead of the current API through launcher.


It depends. Their idea is to do all permissions check within the network itself and change the launcher for a simple authenticator instead. Apps would then talk directly to the network and no longer through the launcher. Their goal with these changes is to be able to support mobile platform which wasn’t practical with the launcher concept.

For web apps that runs within the Safe browser it should not change a lot. The browser should continue to provide an API for web apps to use. For native apps it’s different, their idea is to provide safe_core libraries in a variety of programming languages and require native apps to use them instead of the REST API. It isn’t clear if they are going to still provide a REST API within the new authenticator or through some other apps.

You can see the discussion in the dev forum.


I’m glad to hear the launcher is getting an update, but am honestly a bit disappointed that vaults have not been the primary push. A new launcher/authenticator is great news but doesn’t do much good if the vaults are not in order.

I know there are a lot of users waiting to see if proof of concept for vaults that can work outside of the droplets on a larger scale…


They are still in the idea stage with the going from the Launcher to the Authenticatior and working full force to get vaults out.

Users were able to run vaults from home at one point but then they had to do an overall on them and it went back to Maidsafe running them all.

EDIT: Finally found the video of someone installing a vault on Windows 7 -

So the SAFE Network works and they are just fine tuning things at this point.


We can’t have it all. External devs got APIs and tutorials. A lot of refactors were done as well. RFCs needed to be invented and discussed. Moving to Disjoint Groups is the right decision IMO. Same for implementing Node Aging. It all makes sense. But these things aren’t implemented in 2 or 3 weeks.
I guess we could’ve had Vaults but without these RFCs is doesn’t add that much. We have to wait until Q1 in 2017 before we have Vaults with the RFC’s implemented is my guess.


Jeez, just had a bad thought,

Do the launcher changes mean that MaidSafe will have to redo all the tutorial apps all over again for them to be compatible??

Hope we don’t keep going around in circles…

Hopefully authenticator turns out to be a great, simple idea, and then they freeze everything except for vaults and focus 100% on that for a while :slight_smile: (then when it’s super solid, finish SafeCoin.)


It will be a huge relief when vaults from home and/or testsafecoin hit the spotlight. The community needs the boost and energy injection.

If I feel this frustrated and exhausted by unsatisfied enthusiasm after little over a year then I can only imagine what it must feel like for people who’ve been here since the crowdsale, or for David and Nick et al having had this vision so long ago and worked so hard for so long to fulfil it?!

Nothing worth having ever came easy and nothing is more worth having than SAFE; so I suppose it’s only right that it takes a meta level of dedication, patience and problem solving to achieve.

I think I need to take up meditation or something… find my centre instead of just obsessing over this idea constantly. Either that or be more constructive planning for the things I can do to help post launch. I think I waste a lot of time fantasising and dreaming that could be used to actually achieve something lol.


Take up coding :slight_smile:

Not as hard as people think.


Safe Launcher at version 0.10.0


What will the grand finale be in tutorials today, any wild gueses out there?


I’m curious if we see the last tutorial tonight. But I hope for a chatbox :yum:.


Safecoin wallet…

…just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:


Crypto exchange! Or basic trading / marketplace software hopefully :slight_smile:


The RFCs are acoming…


It is the client team that are doing all the great work on the Launcher, Mike. Andreas’s team are very focussed on enabling user run vaults through the implementation of the disjoint groups and node ageing RFCs. Rest assured, user run vaults are a primary focus right now, just some parts are moving faster than others, there is a significant amount of complexity attached to these RFCs. Progress is being made.


Demo_app - version change to 0.6.2


Well darn it client team, quit doing your jobs so well! :wink: That makes perfect sense Nick, thanks to the whole crew for burning the candle at both ends!



This one isn’t pulled yet, but it will change the active RFC-list:

Here’s the coming change:

I probably miss several updates in the code, but here are some more that popped up today:

MAID-1722 - add support for mutable data in mock routing #392

Re-enable node_to tests, a merging fix, and some cleanups. #1241


Here’s the current list of active RFCs