Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


I may be mistaken, but I think it means that one can delete structured data only, because it is owned data. You can only delete what you clearly own, and immutable, because of deduplication, could belong to others as well as oneself. The only way to for the network to tell is if it also tracked everyone who uploaded that chunk and track with permissions to delete. Not a good thing.

Edit to add: one can always effectively delete structured data that one solely controls simply by updating to contain nothing but its shell. I’m pretty sure the point in question refers to supporting the ability to simply do away with it altogether, all traces.


I wonder if a credit (or partial credit) of Safecoin would come back to you on delete or not…hmmm…


Imagine it “could” be done. Doubt it will be though. PUTs are PUTs. One way. A structured data chunk is smaller, but can be edited for free.

Might there be value in deleting so the network stops needing to keep track of something the owner doesn’t want? Perhaps, but compared to the immutable chunks which can’t be deleted, that’s not much.

My simpleton opinion from high altitude, not being that close to the code.


That was one of the reasons for introducing delete for SDs to free up resources. I gather that SDs require more from the nodes than immutable data.


Disjoint group implementation almost finish…


Not pulled yet, but on it’s way:


I hope I’m not spoiling anything :grin:


I try to remain calm on Dev Update Day but seeing all the activity on Github gets my heart raising. :wink:


The SAFE Launcher arrived at version 0.9.1

SAFE Core at version 0.22.0

SAFE Vault at version 0.12.1

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic

Wasn’t this the one being used the last week or two? It’s the one that’s being recommended in the email tutorial, however long ago that was released


It actually was a typo in the changelog. Should be corrected now to 0.9.2. Sorry about that.


Safe core arrived at version 0.22.1

SAFE Launcher updated to version 0.9.3


Quite some routing PR’s ready to be pulled:


I’m gonna be the first one to like today’s dev update!



This got merged today:

This will be next according to the dev-update:


I’m reading through these github updates posted on the pre dev update and updates here and thinking do we have a list of all these features and what they do in plain English? A lot of them are just weird titles that don’t make sense. So really to understand the implications of each of these new additions of code we need to understand the function in plain English. Then how can that code be taken and turned into something the user can manipulate using an app or something in practical terms?


Yeah the big thing it looks like I’m (along with anyone else interested in making apps) waiting on is the new switch from SAFE Launcher to SAFE Authenticator.

This will completely change how apps interact with the SAFE Network. So we need this to be finished, in order to make apps.

I hope this doesn’t take a very long time, and is a quick change (ie. not as big as the rust change), so anyone wanting to work with SAFE can get going again soon.

I’m also working on a website that teaches people everything you need to make a SAFE app in the easiest way, but this will need to be updated once the Authenticator changes are ready

Any estimates on this :clock3:? @frabrunelle ?


Yeah, I want to make apps, I’m constantly coming up with ideas and seeing the implications of the SAFE network but wrapping my brain around the code is the hard part.


hmhmmmm - do you think this will change the systematics of how apps can run via safenet …?

because i’m a little bit confused … if it only changes the way apps sent their commands/data … this rework would only mean that the safeAPI-wrapper would have to be reworked too and nothing else would have to be changed in terms of app-code …? ( @frabrunelle )


Well I’m wondering if they strip down the launcher where are all the features the launcher currently serves going to go? Will we need a seperate app to run all those features or will they be intergrated into the demo app?