Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


That’s what I was meaning by messaging :blush:


If they’re trying to build out functionality for app devs then PDC is the best funded and biggest project, so you might be forgiven for guessing they would have prioritised functionality that Harmen really need to get stuff moving. Don’t ask me what that is exactly, but it might well be a consideration in the order things get done.


I thought that was why appendable data was brought to the table but it’s seems structured is what he is after.


@Shankar has a messaging crate in his repo that has seen some recent attention. But there have been hints that, @lightyear I believe, was working on a browser based app tutorial.


Here’s the link to the messenger crate. No activity for 9 days though, but who knows :grin:. I expect an App that indeed runs in the browser.


For the freaks out there that like to dive into code and color.

feat/api_update: update integration of low level api

and some more:

Merge pull request #128 from shankar2105/email_app_api_update


Boom! There goes the neighborhood! :wink:


Safe core arrived at version 0.21.2

The Launcher arrived at version 0.9.1

Several updates to the demo_app and email_app are proposed.

SAFE Network TEST 9 + SAFE Mail Tutorial

Maidsafe utilities arrived at version 0.10.0

Self_Encryption arrived at version 0.7.1

crust arrived at 0.18.1

Routing arrived at version 0.27.0


Fee fi fo fum I smell the blood of an alpha 2


duuuuuuude if this actually comes out soon…!!!

…wait but that would require them to have finished RFC 45 and a form of data chains, right? To have the decentralized vaults?

It doesn’t look like either of those is finished yet or soon though


I dont believe that’s a prerequisite for 2. Not that I saw anyway?


yes I definitely think that was the reason for Alpha 2


You may be right. None the less the time is ripe



they said this was for Alpha 2 a few times at least, even on the alpha rolling release roadmap i think


Was that ever stated publicly by MaidSafe? I though it was just the preference expressed by a few forum members (me included)?

One little update that I think needs to happen is getting rid of any apostrophe when writing APIs. I’m not generally too bothered about grammar, and I’m no expert myself, but “API’s” is becoming very common and is starting to get a bit annoying :smiley:


I cited one of the references I thought I remembered reading it in.


do you know what this means… * feat/structured_data: support deletion


I saw that one as well. I think it’s an option to delete data, including structured data as well. So of you really want to delete a file you made it actually gets deleted instead of just the datamap that points to the data.


Foundation work for async safe_core - Futures paradigm #350