Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


released with the latest update and as far as i can see they’re all there


Is there Windows here? I don’t see a windows binary.


First one says

EDIT: your link doesn’t, another one also didn’t show windows, this one does



What do you mean by RFC ?


Request For Comment

As we introduce changes / additions etc. we go though a process of writing up a proposal then seek review and debate then if accepted it is implemented. It allows the community to see progress and what we are addressing at the moment. It also provides some documentation that defines the motivation and design of system components.

See here for a full description and the process happening in real time


but why put a hurdle in the way?.. the suggestion of the proxy being removed, seems odd to me. I haven’t see a good reason why that would be done.


Arguably, the proxy should always have been a separate service app anyway. It is doing a different job and doesn’t need to be part of the launcher.

There is also the question of security. Should this mechanism be part of the core product or should it be something people download and use at their own (security) risk? I suspect it was an compromise too far on this risk front, to be included in such a security sensitive platform.

Personally, I would like to see the proxy as a separate app, that could be run as a service for those who want it. They can then have it running all the time (even when the launcher isn’t) and have it available if needed. This would also be great for appliance software which may wish to talk to safe net without rewriting the communication layer.

I understand your frustration though, but at least their is an easy solution to the problem.


Reasonable points there.

No-one will mind if there’s continuity of that option. It’s fair not to be part of the core product or even advised but having option on it at users risk, preferred to some conservative sense of what is best for all people.


Rust Sodium is at version 0.1.2

Refactor/low_level_api: update low level apis #258. This is quite a big one actually.


Safe Core is at version 0.21.0


Safe Core at version 0.21.1


This is new in the safe_examples repo:

feat/protocol_change: update protocol from http to safe (LINK)

This is the most clear evidence that the team is moving away from proxies and “mixed browsing” and moving to the SAFE Beaker Browser. Fully disconnected from the the unsafe internet.

And a immutable data refactor (not pulled yet)


A very good choice in my opinion!


but still .safenet? 20chars


I don’t know. Looks more like safe: or safe:// if I check the code. We’ll see.


What oh what will the tutorial be… perhaps MAIDSAFE would be so kind as to give us a hint… first letter of the name or a game of hot or cold. :grin:


My guess is this virtual file system from the roadmap maybe.

That means a mountable drive right?


with zero to no substance to my claim I guess… messaging :stuck_out_tongue:
But is that too similar to email… or a logical progression. Hmmmm


Actually, after reading the roadmap again, my guess is a contact-management system. Maybe with some goodies added in (chat?) but I think saving contacts is the bulk of the next tutorial


I think a collaboration example is about to hit. In the roadmap it stated 1.Messaging & 2. Collaboration tool.

E-mail is very similar to messaging so I’m leaning towards collabo. Makes the most sense if the purpose is to showcase the flexibility of SAFE :slight_smile: