Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


They know that whatever they can release during the pitch will help the cause, so they will release as much as they can as quickly as they can I’m sure. That’s basically business as usual though isn’t it lol? :wink:

I think the next 3 months will be very interesting, but it will be interesting for the next decade hopefully, so I’m trying to just keep perspective and patience :confused: I suspect the story will get pretty crazy post safecoin release. Can’t come soon enough. I want to be a gazillionaire in a world where freedom has a voice.:smile_cat:


hmmm…you would think they could use/adapt maelstrom to host torrents (since they created it…)


@Jabba that makes sense that good news would drop with B2TF but read the edited part of this post by David MaidSafe Dev Update 6th September 2016
Seems like 6 days would be too intense of a crunch? I think for vaults and launcher to be on the same network, disjoint groups and data chains have to be implemented, and even before data chains, secure node join needs to be done. I hope you’re right though cause this man loves him some maidsafe :smile:


Well, the pitch is on for 30 days+ so they have at least 5 weeks from now to wow the world in some way… who knows though, maybe they will sell out BtF on the first day?! I’m just looking for good news lol. :grin:


Excellent point @Jabba 30 days indeed muahahaha


Rfc 0041 low level api Part 1 #324


Support appendable data #547

This code is being reviewed right now. It shows up in routing as well. And several devs are active in this area. Remember this one?

There’s also code in Safe core. So it seems we are see very close to the implementation of Appendable Data :+1: :+1: :+1:


Sucks when you wait all day for the update and realise it’s MONDAY :astonished:


Whoops just realized I had the same problem when reading this thread :grinning:


Crust got updated to version 0.18


Anybody else excited by the recent work on Github? :slight_smile:


Safe core at version 0.20.0

launcher at version 0.9

Vault at version 0.12

Routing at version 0.26.0


I feel a Testnet 9 coming in 3,2,1… :wink:

Edit/ spot on lol


(WIP) Symmetric encryption of directories #338

feat/routing table: added disjoint groups routing table to crate #1144


This is a screenshot from the dev-forum

Seems like the proxy will be removed. No more mixed browsing! No need te let your web-apps work on several browsers. The main focus for SAFE will be the Beaker Browser.

this is what we got this morning:

Remember TEST 9:

The web-apps are coming!


Am i reading this right? At this stage they are forcing the safe browser on people making it impossible to browse safe in the web browser?


I hope they do :+1:.


I rather like using the browser I choose,


There is nothing to stop people forking the code and creating a standalone proxy app. The source code I’d on github for those who want it.


And I hope they don’t. That browser does not have a build system that allows it’s developers to build and test on linux and osx and windows. As far as I can see, binaries for all OS’s are not available.

If you force safenetwork testers to figure out how to compile it themselves, before they can browse, you will have fewer testers. And for what? There’s no reason to make that cutover now. It can wait till security actually matters and we’re using the network to save real things. What would be the point in alienating your userbase now?