Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


What would you call bitcoin? Or any of the many other alts.

And I’m sure there are other examples out there. Not saying it will be easy, just saying that yes there are in fact examples of it being successful in the real world already.


sorry, had to throw out the most obvious BITTORRENT!


Random question about BitTorrent, but why aren’t the torrents themselves ever decentralised? Like having big torrents of torrents, if you know what I mean,

Instead of hosting them on different websites that always get taken down every month or so (TPB, kat, etc).

Just have lots of different people compiling, downloading, and seeding big torrent files that are full of torrents, so there are many many many many thousands of “nodes” instead of six or seven main torrent sites, with great torrents getting lost forever every time a site gets seized.

That’s the centralized part of torrenting that I never ever understood.


S’all too quiet atm. My spidey-senses are tingling. Calm before a storm I wonder? I feel like all the signs point to some serious activity on the horizon.

I’m excited about September. Mind you, I’m always overly-optimistic lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What happened to that project? Do you know? Seems to have petered out around 2010.


Selfman was a research project, belonging to the European Sixth Framework Programme, with a 40 month duration. Yo can read the Final Activity Report with, it seems, very good results.


Anyone know if you can put a torrent inside a torrent


Interesting, thanks for the link. SELFMAN seems to have gone off in a few different directions after it finished, including further research projects and some component parts, a programming language, databases, a commercial video streaming company and other things - most of which no longer seem to be maintained, but no-one seems to have picked up the gauntlet of autonomous networking like MaidSafe have.


This is for the Launcher interface, correct?

EDIT*** I guess the longer you look at your own question will make it understandable. lol It’s all about the path…


Updates to the RFC list. Messenger no longer active but proposed. Low level API and Launcher API 0.6 got active.


Low level api being for safe core correct? And then launcher api being for low level launcher access?


Why has messaging been pushed out?


Due to appendable data being pushed in. It allows messaging in any format defined by application developers. Not rejected, just back to proposed.


That’s me! Let’s get crackin’ :smiley:


I know it’s too early, but this is the hopes & dreams & guesses thread so… TestSafeCoin? :blush:


wahaha - that would be soooooooo cool!!!


Or answering FUD on the forum :wink: No seriously there will not be test safecoin I can be sure of that :wink: I hope we can get a couple of really nice bits out though, but it’s the usual mania in house. The RFC process is a good way to see whats coming soon though. As the RFC is agreed work has started or very close to it.


I’m guessing Alpha 2 three weeks from now :crystal_ball:


I would guess something interesting before or during the BtF pitch. Which starts in 6 days :slight_smile:


That’s my thinking. Midway through BtF is roughly 2 months since alpha one. 2 months was mentioned somewhere. But if the nerd keeps delaying the boss it may be next year. :confounded: