Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Everybody do the Dev Update dance!

It’s like the dance you do when you have to urinate and someone is taking their sweet time in the bathroom. :wink:


Bug fix in safe_examples


Welcome to the forum @xtian :thumbsup:


An interface like a hypervisor.
I remembered Citrix and the overview of all the pools, virtual disk etc.
Just my hope for an update in the future.
Or am i under water with this?


:smile: Haha, thanks!


2 chips in the mail. vaults, tuesday… bring it on :sunglasses:


Enlighten me! What are those called?


There are a few posts about it this thread.


Can’t wait for tomorows update.


SAFE launcher at version 0.8.1


Will there be two different launchers released once the testnet continues, or will the launcher gain support for specifying to what network to connect?

How do you handle authenticating apps if two launchers are running?


Each network has it’s own name. And that’s specified in the Launcher I think. So start Launcher for TEST 8 and it will connect to Vaults running TEST 8 and not the Alpha. But that’s my guess.


I meant if alpha and test8 launchers are both running, how do apps decide which to authenticate to?


Would have to be one at a time, as only one can listen on port 8100 at a time.


Low level API ready to be pulled to RFC.

MaidSafe Dev Update 30th August 2016

@polpolrene Appendable data is just making its way TO rfcs correct? Not already being implemented right?


No RFC’s. But gives us a good look into what’s coming in the near future. Have a look:


Cool, I just wonder about this:

there is no way for Launcher to know if one app is mimicking another during the authentication process. So Launcher will ask user each time an app starts and tries to register with Launcher, even if Launcher was never killed in the meantime (unlike currently).

Isn’t it the responsibility of the app in question to keep it’s auth token secure?


It could be and the likes of keytar etc. do need to be further considered. Best will be when apps are delivered from SAFE instead of local hard drives, that’s so 70’s :wink:


@dirvine what does it take for an app to be delivered from the network rather than downloading and having it access the network (where your data resides and other network features exist)?


Just know the hash of the app and that will be the datamap of the app. This will contain all of the chunk pointers and the app will just load in memory :wink: Then the launcher does not need to worry about all of this stuff, it can contain pointers that you have agreed to use in terms of apps.

I would prefer we never trust any local app as much as possible and certainly not trust local storage of any kind.