Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


We need one of these every week please haha


I think alpha is still a bit far from us. If you check the roadmap, you will see.


At least a couple of steps yet to beta. We see stable network because the droplets are competent.

Resolving capability to manage weak nodes and not allowing those to be disruptive; then ensuring data integrity, are tough problems and we need to be sure the answers to those problems are solid.

It could equally be that alpha is released subject to caveats about its limitations. That is what ‘alpha’ normally is?

Alpha perhaps will be a statement of a network that can work but at this point is liable to instability where there are too many weak nodes; and whatever else is an issue. I would expect that alpha data would be wiped again at beta in any case.

I’m very happy with the progress to date … can’t fault it :smiley:


Chomping at the bit :grimacing:


Cool stuff if it is what I think it is…


this is taking so long :frowning:


exciting stuff happening…


Vault back to routing 0.23


Wonder how true my “100% Likely 2016 SAFE Release” prediction thread actually will be. I didn’t understand at the time of making that thread how much funding they were lacking this past 2 years. But now that’s being taken care of, and other things, while TEST 7b is further on hold and while they tinker around with data chains and anything else new (SAFE Browser!).


This team has been gaining some serious steam since porting to rust. I think 2016 beta for sure. Things are looking good right now


Launcher bug fixed. @davidpbrown


Hi nerds. I haven’t checked in on this forum in a while… last time I was here everybody was talking about “MVP”. Now everybody is talking about “Alpha”. Am I correct in assuming this is the same thing? What is the latest estimate as to when the release will be? It’s this year realistic?


I don’t have an answer, but I’d like to compliment on your icon :joy_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


I’ve heard high expectations for something this year. They are picking up 3 more developers and will announce some funding solutions soon. The last dev update will fill you in much better and you can read it here - MaidSafe Dev Update 9th August 2016 To me it shouts David’s time will be used differently now and they had to hire 3 developers to replace him. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a relief. The pain of the launcher upto now. :slight_smile:


MVP was a term used for a little while, but we seem to have returned to traditional pre-alpha, alpha, beta, release candidates, releases

We are at pre-alpha tests


SAFE Vault at version 0.11.0


There is another bug that I can’t reliably replicate just yet. My broadband connection giving problems this week for static from a poor box on the wall and on three occasions opening laptop I saw FFI popup error and on acknowledging the OK to that the launcher fell over with output to terminal only after that popup closed. Couldn’t force that to occur again so unsure what that is… those also occurred after a long while unattended so could have been caught up with the now fixed bug.

Also, I wonder the launcher doesn’t acknowledge when its clearly not connected to the network. So, only suggests connected. What I like though is that it’s prompt to pickup where it left off when connection is available.

I wonder if the issue with a laptop falling from Ethernet to wireless and sticking with the wireless when the Ethernet becomes available again, is fixed. Haven’t had time to check that and just disabled wireless to be sure it was simpler.


Safe_core version change to: 0.19.0


SAFE Examples at version 0.6.0

Launcher at version 0.8.0