Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Explorer NFS additional features integrated #110


Ahhh yeah son. I love maidsafe and I love this thread


This thread is like pre intercourse, sometimes are better


Pre intercourse? You don’t get to have intercourse much do you? It’s called foreplay dude.


Im learning english dude… ,anyway,thank you for the correction


You know what he meant though


Anyone excited for this weeks update?


too busy getting worked up about the logo competition :blush:
but now that u mention it: yesssss


Yep, it’s getting really really close now to a release, and I’m hoping that the latest test have all passed with flying colours. Would be great if they were ready to release something in a couple of days as that would tie in nicely with the final for logo competition as well. That has 2 days and 17hrs to go, so new product with new logo could be shipping on late Tue/early Weds?

Speculation of course.


I’m always pleased to hear what progress is being made, though I’m not particularly excited for this week.

It seemed clear in the last update that there’s a lot of work to be done to get a network with reliable data retention that’s not working from droplets, so I can’t imagine releases this week being a huge step forward. Hopefully we’ll see the non-droplet network running again, so it’ll be interesting to see where that is at.

I’m definitely excited about what the next few months could bring, but not really the next week, though I’d love to be surprised with some big improvements :slight_smile:


Yeah I would love it if alpha came out next week, but with the logo competition going on I doubt it. It would be too quick of a turnaround to incorproate the new logo into the MVP. IMO.

Either way still excited to hear about the news whether it’s a new developer joining the team or what have you.


We still have to vote on the logo. In my fantasyland big things come shortly after.

I don’t think we will see dramatic changes to anything soon but the following statement by David makes me think Alpha will be called soon on the A Network while B continues in pursuit of data persistence. But I am probably just an over eager beaver.


Happiness = Reality – Expectations

Having expectations (high or even low) will not help the project. It will just bring emotion to the table and with that disappointment. Expecting too high can make anything less a let down.
Having no expectation will make every stride, however small, a positive event.

Be happy!


WIP Disjoint groups #1126

More info on disjoint groups.


you are right, but is imposible dont have hype with the updates, even if it results almost ever in little disappointments


This is a speculation thread. But I do agree with what you say as a general rule.

Always happy :slight_smile:


Yes, in practice it is very hard not to have expectation. But we can give our best to be conscious of the hype and try have a little less expectations than otherwise going full “to the moon!” train.

You cannot just switch off the hype BUT with proper effort each time the hype comes more and more sobering moments will also arise in the mind. These sober moments will bring good trading decisions. This is my experience.

P.S. sorry for the seemingly off-topic post but I recon keeping your cool to be very on-topic!


Maidsafe Utilities at version 0.9.0

Config File Handler at version 0.4.0

Crust at version 0.17.0


Routing to version 0.23.4

This update will be added to the Vault as well:

Chore/deps: migrate to rust_sodium and routing 0.23.4

Quite some work done in Routing over the last few days:

It seems the updates in routing will be added to the upcoming release of the Vaults. Probably without the Disjoint groups yet as this is still WIP (work in progress) but really cool to see a lot of new code coming to the Vaults. Remember the TEST 7 topic?

Seems routing 0.23 got some updates :thumbsup:


hello alpha my old friend.
I’ve come to talk to you again.