Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

had no luck with tsetnet tool and a build sn_node! I dont get output in config!


This seems like a big deal:

May not be accessible in the CLI yet but you never know!


Wow, DBC’s without the Mint. That is fundamentally different.


Now tihs may or may not be significant… But its welcome anyway :slight_smile:


Merged :tada:


In itself, this is no biggie, but then the first faint rumblings and wisps of steam from what was to become the eruption of Ciumbre Vieja were “no biggie” either.

I’m looking for 300m high lava fountains and significant disruption to air traffic myself here.

Haha, sorry. I think that was perhaps something automated atm. @Southside .

But yes. Dysfunction is innnnn at last. Was a long PR, but shined a light on a few query bugs.


Im failing to build the latest safe network 479dcac with rustc 1.61.0-nightly (9f4dc0b4d 2022-03-23)

Is this expected behaviour?

willie@gagarin:~/projects/maidsafe/safe_network$ cargo build --release
   Compiling ring v0.16.20
   Compiling signal-hook v0.3.13
   Compiling block-padding v0.3.2
   Compiling digest v0.9.0
   Compiling crypto-common v0.1.3
   Compiling block-buffer v0.9.0
   Compiling cipher v0.3.0
   Compiling crypto-mac v0.10.1
   Compiling term v0.5.2
   Compiling url v2.2.2
   Compiling err-derive v0.3.1
   Compiling serde_derive v1.0.136
   Compiling ctor v0.1.22
   Compiling tracing-attributes v0.1.20
   Compiling tokio-macros v1.7.0
   Compiling synstructure v0.12.6
   Compiling rand_chacha v0.3.1
error: no rules expected the token `aarch64_apple`
   --> /home/willie/.cargo/registry/src/
165 |     macro_rules! features {
    |     --------------------- when calling this macro
257 |             aarch64_apple: true,
    |             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no rules expected this token in macro call

   Compiling futures-macro v0.3.21
   Compiling thiserror-impl v1.0.30
error[E0425]: cannot find value `AES` in module `cpu::arm`
   --> /home/willie/.cargo/registry/src/
381 |         if cpu::intel::AES.available(cpu_features) || cpu::arm::AES.available(cpu_features) {
    |                                                                 ^^^ not found in `cpu::arm`
help: consider importing this constant
15  | use crate::cpu::intel::AES;

error[E0425]: cannot find value `PMULL` in module `cpu::arm`
   --> /home/willie/.cargo/registry/src/
315 |             || cpu::arm::PMULL.available(cpu_features)
    |                          ^^^^^ not found in `cpu::arm`

error[E0425]: cannot find value `ARMCAP_STATIC` in this scope
   --> /home/willie/.cargo/registry/src/
235 |             if self.mask == self.mask & ARMCAP_STATIC {
    |                                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ not found in this scope

For more information about this error, try `rustc --explain E0425`.
error: could not compile `ring` due to 4 previous errors
warning: build failed, waiting for other jobs to finish...
error: build failed
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There’s been a rust regression there by the looks of it. I don’t have it to hand but there’s an issue for it on the rust repo eg.


Oooh things are getting exciting - node dysfunction and punishment is merged!


Next thing you know they’ll have network economy in the works!


And the excitement continues!

store_and_read_5mb_from_many_clients with 50 client readers (currently 25 in the tests) get following results locally:

Time: 30 s
CPU: ~40 %, (very briefly above 50%)
Mem: ~60 mb / Elder, (very briefly up to 125 mb)
compared to the results on main:

Time: 704 s
CPU: 100 %, all the time
Mem: ~2 gig / Elder, all the time


One more improvement like this and it is absolute perfect.



It IS an impressive reduction in required resources but I get the feeling there are many more optimisations /tweaks yet to come that together may well show similar increases in speed and reliability.

The prototype has just rolled out of the workshop and has only done a few development laps yet.

– Simplify, then add lightness. –


Chapman would approve!

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Anyone know where RDF/LinkedData will fall in the SN roadmap?

I have seen many people want features within Spotify that would be realistically achievable with Linked Data. Granted there might be a significant amount of interface development needed to support the desired features which might be part of the reason they haven’t delivered on them.

Anyhow the roadmap page on is 404ing at the moment.


I can feel the maidsafe’s fire @happybeing


Roadmap will be getting some love soon… it’s in dire need.

RDF/LinkedData (my personal crush too) will almost certainly come after the Network is on its feet. It is going to be a supreme tool, the awesome-sauce of Safe, but if we are looking at the straightest line to roll out features and helping people, it makes sense to have it come after.


On the edge of chair already!

There has been a lot of activity in GH recently, but difficult to make any sense about it. PR’s worked and merged left and right, even when tests are failing. But after merges, Nightly release run passes! Then again release process fails after that.

But I’m quite sure it’s going to be a very interesting update today!


The agogometer is giving inconsistent readings. Big things are certainly happening but whether they will be ready for announcement later today is not so certain.

blst-bulletproofs is interesting but again the contains caveats which suggests WIP not an imminent release.

just makes me wish I had paid more attention in college maths. However there may be hope and I will have a look at the links in that doc otherwise I am going to have to offer drink and sexual favours to someone who can adequately explain it to me using alphanumerics and NO greek or math symbols.

GitHub - maidsafe/sn_dbc_examples again is very interesting. But note the section that says what this crate is NOT…

OTOH the work going into the sn_diagrams cannot purely be for internal use only. Something is about to get announced and with supporting diagrams/graphics - just not this afternoon at my guess.

I think we may be justified in going pure agog next week or the week after

Averaged agogometer reading 7.238