Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Aye fair point. There’s a very strong chance something is touching aws :+1:


In an age where there is a lot to be depressed about, you brighten my day again!


I wonder what impact it will have on bugs reproducibility.
I think such feature should be optional until vast majority of bugs are fixed.

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In addition to client caching, AE is another feature that should be optional to uncover bugs that they might hide.

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It could have some impact. But not what we’re looking at the moment (do we get a result for every request?).

Eitherway. The intention is client caching to be optional (and disbaled for tests). That’s coming in another PR probs next week.

AE is different kettle of fish though. Without this all we’ll uncover is that the network doesn’t work
without a mechanism to bring nodes up to date. That’s what we’ve seen before we implemented AE. Extraneous efforts to deal with situations that can be dealt with in a much much simpler fashion.

We could try and ensure x/y/z conditions are met. That things proceed in a specific order. That messages aren’t dropped. That anyone that isn’t at the state that we know now is punished (although maybe we are behind?!).

But that’s not really necessary…

If everything is eventually consistent. If we’re tolerant of divergence and can reconcile things. AE is our basic pattern for dealing with this type of data.


I knew I’d forget!


@oetyng is back in the saddle! Welcome back. You brought a lot of PRs with you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: thanks. However I’m still not back yet. Just enjoying my time with the code a bit.
(Does give me the urge to dive head in already though… :joy:)


I haven’t received my USB stick with safe tokens, so I thought I’d check in.

When I see areas of focus are bugs, farming and payments, and people playing around with put, cat, get. I’m having a deja vu. Weren’t we fetching files with SafeNetLauncher 6 years ago?

So I’m wondering, is this going to be some next level Skynet type of network? Or is it a bit like Duke Nukem Forever, the game that was in development for 15 years because it was written from the ground up 4 times in a row?

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That’s a lazy question… take a closer look at the regular updates. There’s clear and steady progress in some complex new areas that necessarily takes time.

Roadmap is at Safe Network

Play the long game and expect less of a free lunch and more of an opportunity to contribute something positive. There is good opportunity now to wonder about what apps and use cases will be possible.


Nu-keys in the sky with diamonds… check back here in 5 years.

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So when is the next Dev-Update going to come? We have a bank holiday on Thursday 6th of Jan in Finland.

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We don’t really do bank holidays, or for me any holidays at all :smiley: So Thursday it is.


bors r+

10 chr


You live at 22b Baker Street :smiley:


For anyone not wearing a deerstalker:


Uhhhh :eyes: update? Something good?


my setup is my phone under the screen with safe net forum open to see when it will drop!

you made me think the post was up with your reply!