Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

It’s been quite on the GH front :crossed_fingers: :upside_down_face:


I can feel it in my waters :wink:


here we are again waiting for our Thursday fix !!


My new pi should be here today would be great if there was something to test it out :wink:


“should be” being the operative word?
My new M.2 module “should be” here today as well… Hermes are utter crap - worst of all delivery services. Thats what we get for allowing privatisation… THank you English Tory scum.
All my recent Royal Mail despatched ites from Ebay arrived on or before promised date

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Royal Mail have failed also :rage:

Edit: I take that back it’s just arrived :smiley:


the silence is deafening !!

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I thought Royal Mail was privatised.


After the reference to being near the cusp last week iv been on the cusp of my seat all week!!

Anyone following the git hub think we are going to see a test net tomorrow?


I doubt it at this stage, so much really good stuff happening though.


I’ll try and simmer down im behaving like a kid before Christmas.

As allways great work team and keep up the amazing progress :slight_smile:




Christmas present would be brilliant.

Although I do remember something similar last year :joy::joy:

Go on team, best of luck. Maybe we will get something cool this year :grin::grin:




Omg awesome!!! @Josh possible to do a community test run?


Idk if Maidsafe have plans of their own so let’s see what happens this week.


I connected and it works! I also managed to retrieve the 5.2mb video of the XOR in your image on windows, big bunny :smiley:

Put for my text file also works and cat read it with cat.

On windows though I don’t know how to access the ‘time’ command.


:sunglasses: Unfortunately I am not keeping this up, it was thrown together to see how far I could get.
It is about to be brought down.
But I am happy put something up for everyone to play this coming week if Maidsafe are not quite ready to go yet.


It was already working pretty fast, and I’m located in South East Asia right now. Fair enough, the more reliable and stable the better long-term, cannot wait for full public testnet.


Excellent @josh it’s worth a whirl for sure. We have been focused on bug hunting many memberships and DKG related bugs. With that focus, we have not been as focussed on data and stable data under a churning network.

There’s a couple of area where we are looking to make much tighter (formally correct) and these are

  1. CRDT memeberhip via simple Set’s using a supermajority over supermajority vote to allow nodes to join or restart. That will solve a lot of silly inconsistencies we have and also allow onboarding of new nodes to be simpler (merging set’s is a trivial thing to do and as they are sets of trusted signatures then they are already self validating).
  2. DKG - this feel less smooth than it should and therefor we intend to deep dive on that to check it’s rock solid, right now it looks fine but we need heads to look into it in much more detail
  3. DBC transfer integration
  4. Farming and payments for nodes.

It’s tantalising right now to feel it all come together. It’s still not there but so much more feels solid now and the first couple of points above are really going to help significantly. The DBC stuff is well designed and tested, so that should shoehorn in nicely.

That is where I see us right now, the client side/cli etc. is looking much better and documentation being improved there. I hope that we can have that API for devs soon enough. With a stable network that part should resolve very quickly and hopefully the decorum guys with @Seneca can help test that out.

This has been probably the most significant year in the project’s history, last year was recovering from a direction change that was 100% necessary to get back on track and this year has been gruelling for many reasons, but the design patterns with CRDT/Ae/DBC etc. are proving to be the correct route and that makes me really happy. This is the network as I imagined it way back in the beginning, simplified, highly concurrent and focussed on entropy instead of time and strict order.

The guys have really pulled it all together with amazing speed and done that with a 4 day week, hardly any management and in the last 3-4 months almost zero direction from me, they have worked with each other and just got shit done. :tophat: to every single person in the team and on this forum. It’s been tough, it’s not over but I hope we can all see it more clearly now. With @JPL making the docs simpler, much more descriptive and digestible I hope we can onboard many projects and apps in the very near future.

2022, I wonder what happens in 2022 when this thing lives?