Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Just curious: what is the Available Ram in your system? I have 32GB on a Win 10 box but there is only 24GB available, the rest taken by the OS presumably.

Make that 26GB available after exiting a couple of running programs.

josh@pc1:~$ free
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 32727988 1956904 28901128 112512 1869956 30256880


Small tip: put the results between these 2 lines:



to keep them tabulated:

josh@pc1:~$ free
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:       32727988     1956904    28901128      112512     1869956    30256880

Tab-delimited. Cool.

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I still have not got my new machine to boot. Looks like a fault on the internal graphics if I am interpreting the flashing LED correctly.

Major bummer and return/warranty hassle. Lets see what tech support say in the morning.
I will drag out the agogometer in the morning. Right now its beer and relax time.

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Are you guys aware of this site? Or do you know of any similar ones?

I’d like to see what kind of machines y’all are building.

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I am in the middle of building a new system. Loaded up the motherboard yesterday with all the bits and pieces. My new gpu arrived this week with its preinstalled waterblock. Weighs a ton with the waterblocks.

Some VMs are getting 16GB

I plan to do some real work with this machine and its built to do it.


About time… I mean great stuff! :joy:


Yeah, it’s a convenient tool for organizing a standard pc build. I’ve been using it the past few years whenever I need to propose or brainstorm a new build.

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Maybe this calls for a new thread, but …

I’d like to try running Qubes OS (, i.e. really a hypervisor, on the machine I’m planning, and I’m under the impression I’ll need 64 GB of memory for that. Do you think that’s overkill?

I tried sticking Qubes on an old desktop I have, but I couldn’t get it to work. The BIOS says virtualization is supported, but Qubes seems to disagree. Do you guys have experience with motherboards that actually work like they’re supposed to? I’m really waiting for the AM5 platform to become available, but I’m thinking about something like this.
I just really don’t want to pay 400 € for a motherboard only to find out it doesn’t work as intended.


Did you win this morning?


No I slept this morning - Im on hold for tech support for past 5mins

It’s the little things in life that bring true happiness.
node join coming back being one of those things!


My 2 cents:

I use seasonic as well, but would recommend a 750 watt psu minimum (700 for a seasonic). You could save some money by going with an asrock mobo… the tai chi have worked well for me for 8 ryzen builds. An amd gpu will be much easier to run on linux, I refuse to touch nvidia on workstation builds unless there is an application specific need for machine learning and it is not the primary gpu. You should really consider a 12 core ryzen.

Edit: Why no ECC ram?

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I guess we all know what Mr. Torvalds had to say about Nvidia. It may be against the rules to quote him, though. :wink:


linked without comment…


Who else to break the uncomfortable silence than @Southside


You need to be very very careful with uncomfortable silences…
Left unchecked, they can develop into lulls, and lulls lead to (gasp) pregnant pauses…


And pregnant pauses give birth to …

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delays in getting a testnet…