Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

ARM builds will be nice, oracle cloud offer 4 core, 24GB ram, 10TB bandwidth, 200GB block volume, ARM vms in their “always free tier” :sunglasses:


sooner is pretty subjective and in the case of Safe it depends how long you have been following the project and how patient you have become 12 - 24 months is still soon to me.

or my wife is right and I’m a member of a cult on the internet about a Safe. :slight_smile:


true, we had testnets before and people would go “wow so fast” and here we are with more testnets and people again “wow so fast”

just drop it, when SN is ready it will be ready no need to try to hype where we still are far away just because we played with some testnets

Sorry ill try not to get exited and post anything positive in future. :frowning:
am I still allowed to participate in test nets or am I too excitable ?


Far far too excitable - Report to Bridge St subway for a chill pill

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Glad I’m not the only one accused of being in a cult :joy:


I just want people to understand that its a work in progress, there is no mainnet in the horizon.

sorry if you feel bad with what I say…

am I still allowed to participate in test nets or am I too excitable ?

thats the other side of logic, please dont be childish…

i reckon it is a matter of maturity in someone to stay between the limits of healthy behavior

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I’m at sea right now but might take you up that when I get back if it involves the Laurieston :wink:

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We may need to wait until they get a beer garden. Son#1 who is usually my font of knowledge for all things Lauriston is also at sea.

Well sort of - he’s on the Ninian Central till Monday…

all the fine people that are part of this forum and reading this are fully aware of the state of play and have been here through thick and thin and a touch of positivity is not going to give anyone false expectations.

Ninian Central iv always managed to avoid rigs but unfortunately the trips are longer on ships ill be onboard till mid August. :frowning:


Your beer will get flat - but I won’t let that happen, pal… You can thank me later :slight_smile:

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You are going to have to get your hearing looked at Scott…

Must be all the background noise from London distorting my hearing :wink:


Sorry?? I was pouring a Peroni.

Celebrating with a peroni? You’ll be on the Pimms next :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’ve taken that too far…


[Obligatory message about how I’m not part of a cult and how everything makes sense up to this point in time and will be in the future. Soon™.]

It’s really best to ignore time and enjoy the progress. Yeah it’s 15 years into the game, but at least it’s not year #1 right now. I think. …It’s definitely not last year!

Anyway, I think the next milestone is: to have a test working for a good number of days, with its future looking healthy as well. Then again, the intended design, of some of the test nets lately, might not be looking for that, and intend to seek out other working parts, rather than steadily running along indefinitely. But, it sure would feel good to see.


It’s Thursday :compass:


Keeping my expectations low since there seems to be major overhauls happening and we just got updates back. Cautiously optimistic for a bit.