Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

It’s all about the team. Now folk do what they want and what we all want is launch. It’s a very different approach. Free day off per week, work on what you feel needs done and jump in anywhere. Nobody is told what they can and cannot work on. It’s incredible to see it all just happen. I had to ask/remind a few guys this week to sleep and rest. I love it when a team comes together :slight_smile:


I would call them ants because of their ability to work together towards a higher purpose but I think they may be giants. Of course we all stand on the shoulders of giants but there will be a whole world atop their shoulders. The network they are building ought to take that weight in stride though, I reckon.


This works in my experience. Certainly for me! The two main companies I worked for, a decade each, treated engineers as intelligent, capable self managing individuals and the result was similar. If you wanted to work on a particular project, or certain tasks, they would try to accommodate this. Although the stuff we got to work on was rarely something you would want to turn down because it was usually new, full of challenge and the opportunity to learn. There was also the opportunity to find something that interested you and go try to get someone to pay you to do it. Something I took advantage of.

From my point of view it was much more fun. Very rarely was I feeling I had to do something without caring about it or feeling it wasn’t also good for me to tackle.

Even difficult stuff is much easier when it feels like your choice, and you can get support if something gets too hard or is beyond you. Trust and respect go a long way.

I count myself lucky to have stumbled on the first company early in my career, and that meant i knew how to find a place that would work for me when I decided to move on.

It’s great to hear how this is working for the MaidSafe team. I think looking after yourself is important too, and if you aren’t doing so having people around you who will tell you you need to take a break or find a way to take the pressure off etc. This can be built in too.

The first company billed hours to clients, so every week we had to fill out a timesheet that was supposed to add up to 37.5 hours. If your total added up, it generally didn’t matter what time you rolled up for work, or what time you went home, especially if you kept a fairly regular schedule so others knew when you were likely to be around. If you did more than 45 hours in a week it was recorded and you took that time off later like additional holiday days. I never heard of anyone abusing this system while I was there.

Seeing how people are treated with low paid ‘flexible’ contracts these days is claimed to be like this, but it is completely different. People aren’t treated with respect, trusted, or listened to. I know people in those kind of jobs and they are soul destroying, and cause illness in many.

I couldn’t support a project unless it worked for everyone involved, so it’s great when I hear insights into how MaidSafe functions.


Yes, There is another way, and its profitable on so many different levels.

Semco: employee powered leadership. These values—democracy, profit sharing, and information—work in a complicated circle, with each dependent on the other two.


Just idly poking at the maidsafe github entrails**…

The work never stops.

**All chicken entrails came from sustainably managed forests and none from Finland, well not that many.


Great to see you been able to put rough times to tasks. Shows how close the finish line is. Must be a good feeling to be at that point.


Very interesting - but that was 30 years ago - Where is Semco now? Has it been able to withstand the militarised corporatism ( some might call it fascism) of the Bolsonaro regime? What became of Ricardo Semler? Im guessing he is long retired now…

EDIT: I guessed wrong…

Not sure about the company these days, or the right-wing populist political influence, but
I think Ricardo Semler started the Semco Style Institute, which is a global network with country partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil, USA, Australia, Japan, China and India and certified consultants around the globe, spreading the corporate empowerment message of a Democratized workplace.


Yes, here he is here


anyone know if Adam cignanek aka madadam have left the project/company or is still around?

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He has gone, after 5 years or so he wanted a change, although he has said he loved the work. In fact he feels more confident now in the project then ever before and feels it’s in good hands. A good guy and great rust dev. I think we may see him again. We also have a few new Engineers, that seems to be going well.


This team just does not stop…


What are the odds for a T5 today?
50/50? 1/4? 1/10? Place your bets please.

50/50 ! (10 character)


20% but I hope I’m wrong

Only without Anti Entropy I think, and since I don’t think there’s much point in that I don’t expect T5 for at least another few days.


More code added → more things can fail.
When many things fails simultaneously, testing becomes harder.

(just describing why it may have sense)


Yes, and an example which might be worthwhile testing is DBCs if they’re ready. I’m still thinking next week though.


Anti Entropy being a bit pernickety?

Could be too much of a tough nut to crack this week :weary::weary:

Hoping for the best :muscle:


Update from MaidSafe HQ

We’re tackling what we think are the last couple of bugs before testnet v5 is considered ready to release.

The main stubborn bug is that something in our Anti Entropy implementation seems to be causing high CPU usage. We’ve got the guys digging to find out why & resolve, and hopeful that will be done in time to release tomorrow.

Thanks everyone