Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Where we’re going, we don’t need no Alpha 3.


Not if I keep replying to FUD we won’t. @anon94252342 self fulfilling prophecy specialist for hire


now you have someone to blame good strategy all on me, good

Please @anon94252342 do yourself and everyone else here a favor and do what you already suggested in another post and sell your “bags” and move on. Like neo and others already stated many times, it’s more your attidute and tone of writing than what you write. This constant stream of impatient and unpolite posts is just beyond tedious and will lead to nothing. It won’t speed up development, it won’t give you any extra info which you hope for so you can trade on info others might not have and it certainly won’t give you satisfaction.

If I can give you a life advice: If you want to get rich fast, do something useful with your time and start your own business or anything else that provides value to people instead of trading.

Why you won’t to anything I wrote above? Because you are greedy and you still hope for a timely release of this project with undoubtly massive potential. So you will keep on sucking out information which isn’t there because no one really knows how much effort is needed exactly to finish the project. So, good luck!


Seriously what we’ve been getting and Fleming are so far beyond what Alpha 3 could have and was supposed to offer that is such a ridiculous statement :joy:


Already sold half of my bags, dont worry about me and dont judge. If i see that there is no hope i will sell the rest. Its astonishing how all folks stand by the CEO and never question anything which you feel is wrong. I guess Im more like those who have left. Just to show you what i mean about what @dirvine wrote. They say they follow the plan and everything is going as planned, Where in the roadmap does it say that BLS needs to be completed? its not even there. Now go to github and check the BLS project. Check the Epic tasks which are to be completed. Its alot of work and time, est is easily 3-5 months, and BLS its not mentioned in the roadmap. So this is a milestone which is not in the roadmap. Something is not right or is it me again?

feels like many of you are hype bots and no one can be critical to the project/actions. crazy.

It’s astonishing you don’t see progress or the transparency and honesty that’s been prevelant over the many years in this project. Some hard and time consuming decisions have been made, some promises and timelines were not met but this is a huge undertaking and those are a reality for literally any project. Look at Tesla/Elon Musk people aren’t trying to crucify him like you are David or this project just because timelines in the past haven’t been met. They are far more realistic about timelines now and the code and progress speak much louder than any timeline could at this time. We have free thinking minds man, that is why we are here. We like what we see and we are here. You don’t and that’s fine but seriously if it’s that bad for you then go.


Yes it’s you again, because that’s how such big software projects work. Didn’t you read my post? They don’t know exactly what effort and components are needed until it’s finished. David doesn’t know it and the whole Maidsafe team doesn’t know it, and you know what? That’s OK for such a huge project! It’s a journey of constant exploration and each deliverable might lead to another challenge. So yes, you have to accept the fact, that NO ONE here knows, when it will be finished.

That’s why I like the current path where they give rough timeframes for individual deliverables but allow new ones to be added. Of course we can have a healthy discussion if some of them are necessary, but from what I see, nearly all of them make sense at the moment.

Btw: I don’t stand by the CEO, I stand by the idea of SAFE.


The project is absolutely killing it, the team are even delivering on tasks not in the original plan.
The original plan was Fleming, we are going for full release now. I can’t believe someone would complain about extra, (advanced), tasks being delivered because they are not on the plan. The plan is being exceeded.

A big shout out to occasional readers of the forum. Download the test applications and have a play with the network.

I think what’s actually happening in the background, in terms of attracting users and investors, is a bit like the original Gmail invite only. I’ve introduced many people, putting thousands of fiat in, who are just blown away. They in turn are doing the same.

To be anything other than positive, especially with the huge delivery each week, and especially vault stage 1 last week… It’s like talking to a flatearther.

:clinking_glasses: Keep going team. As well as the usual suspects on here, there are many strong silent supporters watching.

Edit: can someone plot a chart with the price of safecoin and micks negative posts? I suspect there is a correlation each time the price is above $0.20 or near 0.000020 $BTC


Well said, I do see progress and passion but i question the transparency (folks leaving without it beeing notices in updates) and am worried about the work left to be done/funds left, thus Im asking questions which will calm me down and assure the goal can be reached,

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I shouldn’t, because I’m sure the team has tough skin, but I can help it feeling sorry for them…do you realise how much work is involved in scoping out a task with that level of detail? Have you ever worked on anything more complex than blowing your nose? And then they give you timing, you can’t count, and attack… no words


That’s understandable but step back a second and ask yourself at what cost.


It’s understandable but not healthy at all. If he needs to ask so many tedious questions to calm himselve then he is obviously over-invested (like I already suspected). Glad to hear that he sold half of his investment, would be cool if he could now also adjust his posting rate accordingly. ^^

Really, that’s why I hate such traders, especially in the crypto space. They all just want to get rich as fast as possible without providing any value to society. Also by doing so, they don’t realize that they just waste their life-time and most of them will end much poorer than they initially started out. Especially from a human perspective.


That’s pretty conceited, IMO. Managing your own nerves and expectations is your own responsibility. Moreover, literally no part of your constant complaining will assure any goal will be reached. Your actions are the definition of counterproductive. If you want to be useful, try:

  • Offering technical suggestions on the RFCs
  • Starting a meetup group
  • Publishing posts to spread awareness
  • Hosting marketing events
  1. Transparency.

Experienced folks also joining @oetyng.

Edit: To add quote for completeness.

People leave, people join. Natural. Churn of any office in this day and age. Great to see new hires, clear evidence there is no cash problem.

  1. Work left to be done?

    You complain above they are delivering extra task above and beyond what’s listed in the Fleming.

They certainly have the cash to hire more people and are doing so and are delivering more tasks that they promised in the plan.

The only question of transparency that needs to be asked here is by the community, and it’s your transparency that’s in question.


Email arrived just now…

[maidsafe/routing] Change the quorum in BLS to just one third of the members (#1785)


You are deliberately providing a false image of Maidsafe activity. You cannot ignore that Maidsafe has 57 Github repositories, plus the developers’ forks. Two of them without commits for 4 or 11 days isn’t a problem at all.


Have you ever considered making comedy sketches @anon94252342? You waiting for food at a restaurant, queueing for a rollercoaster in disneyland, waiting for the little green man to cross the road, caught in a traffic jam on a motorway, sitting on a plane before takeoff, the possibilities are endless. I for one would be tuning in to see what levels of pointless flailing anguish you’ll reach next. And there’s the added bonus that it might be better for your health than following software projects, which clearly drives you up the wall :innocent:


I’m sort of hoping the project plan is extended by 6 months in the hope that you know who sells and disappears.

The reasons for any delay are simple. England won the 3rd Test at Headingly and all the Scots went to the pub and drank their depression away, at the thoughts of England winning anything.

Then Australia won the 4th Test at Old Trafford a couple of days ago and all the Scots went to the pub and drank to celebrate the Aussie victory and retention of the sacred Ashes

The devs in India have been doing SFA for a couple of weeks as they have been transfixed to their TV screens. Indians just love Steve Smith

I know a lot of you reading this don’t have a clue but there it is.