Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

You sure are, feels electric again.


Tease me tease me


Sure is teasing. No expected releases for October on GitHub plan


Plenty on the cards for this month though, going to be an exciting September.


Is it right to say we need SMD, Node Ageing and BLS then Fleming is ready?

SMD & BLS for Testnet, than Node Ageing for Fleming

Project Management overview

Task board


What is difference between safe browser and safe app?

SAFE App is not released yet, but is for easy onboarding, so you just download that and it guides you through installation of other core apps including the browser.


why is there almost no coding in github right now? After the vault 1 release (which I admit - the pace was impressive in github), there is almost no progress in vault 2 or routing repo for few weeks now. Is this an research period? It doesnt look like full steam that’s for sure.

Likely planning or just code hasn’t been pushed. Not every week is full of massive amounts of code progress. There are many other real world things to consider to get what we have been getting, which is deliverables! Maidsafe have been slaying. Just chill.


Are you not following the right ones on Github? I’ve been getting a massive amount of updates.


No he is not :wink:


are you calling 1 pull request for SMD in the last 14 days massive, for BLS there was no pull requests in last few months, I mean really? Looks like a research period.

Apart from the reasons given above, often there’s a need to write code (and test it locally) before pushing it to github. Or work can be done in private repos on areas of research etc.

What do you think they are doing? Serious question.

You are always making negative speculative comments, and seem to lack the understanding to assess the information you gather in a meaningful way.

Again, I suspect you are not posting honestly, but have a hidden motive.


I am posting honestly, impatience after being told we are getting there many times is growing. I feel some others on this forum does not post honestly making the impression we are really close to the next Alpha while we are still many many months, probably at least a year from it.

For the last couple of months (at least) there has been significant or exceptional progress in literally every Dev Update.


We have published plans, we follow those and update every week. There is always work to do and the whole team work hard, suggesting otherwise is far from honest. Weekly releases show progress, what you are doing is continually challenging an unpublished/unknown release date and doing so very negatively and that is not an honest approach, it is destructive, misleading and negative.


Sure there was but the elements completed lately were not in the plans, the plan is constantly changing, we will learn after the SMD, BLS and node aging is done that there are 2 new major milestones which needs to be done before fleming. I guess.

Bet with your feet chap. To me it makes sense, unless you simply thrive on FUD


Funny, I remember one year ago someone wrote that the alpha 3 will not happen before end of 2018 and you replied that its a pesimistic opinion. now we are one year further and probably you wont deny when i say we will not see fleming this year.