Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D



PS :Why the hell is that pic so small?


The life of programmer. You just can’t make promises on release dates. The best promises programmer can make is to announce “valve time.” We need get rid of idea of “time”, and view the number of bug/feature implementation.


I am happy to read between those lines! :wink:


Well, drats.

But come on. It’s all pretty exciting. And fun to watch the developments, regardless. It’s obvious the devs are working hard. Happy to be along for the ride :sweat_smile:


Well, back to this thread!

Can’t wait for Thurs!

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price speculation has it’s own thread. :-*


I’m sure it is this Thursday we have a Safe meetup in London that it is said David will be joining by video conf, I wonder if an update will come before, during or after.


my wild guess for tomorrow: they will announce a new source of funding / new investors.
say a european union grant or sth like that.


That’s awesome, are you going to provide a link? I will definitely watch it in its entirety



I wish the Q&A with Mr Irvine could be longer than 20min :slight_smile: but I understand time is a limited resource


hard-codes the ChunkStore size to 100MB


Vaults got a big update.


Yeah but what does all this mean and when do we get our vaults?


I don’t know. The devs were talking about some bugs a few days ago. This shows that it’s fixed as far as I understand. They removed 3 persona’s for it and call it a major refactoring.


kirkins: They said we would get vaults but all I got is a screenshot of a git update

Popolrene I think you were just referenced on the poloniex trollbox! haha


Noooo!! Hahaha. That’s really bizar.


Blimey! Church bells are ringing everywhere and beacons being lit across the UK… I think the Pre Dev Update fuss is getting a bit out of hand :slight_smile:


Can you blame us???