Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Show me any of my FUD in comments please. What I see Is a bunch of blokes continuously saying there is great progress. This is the FUD. Work on Node aging was started almost ONE year ago and its still not even close to beeing completed. So dont tell me there is great progress. Baby fleming is just a buggy, uncompleted release with many limitations. Backend which is still FAR from ready have terrible pace dont try convince me its not the case. This will not change as less and less devs work to complete this scope. Now with Pierre on 2 months vacations its even more obvious. I admire and I am a fan of the devs working on the backend but truth is the work force is simply too small to complete the needed tasks for beta release- even in 2 years I dont see this happening.

EDIT: If youre so clever scream that there is great progress please tell me what is the current state of Node aging, how much % is completed, how much is left in % time whatever, I guess you dont know? I think I guessed right. Probably CEO doesnt know either but will say it will be completed SOON as we always hear.

I’ll ask again…
What are YOU doing to try move things forward?

Until we get a reasonable answer to that question I suspect you will get the reception you deserve in here.

Lol, made me laugh, if ya dont know what FUD means, maybe dont use it, doesn’t do ya any favors cheesy.


@gouda123 is now making things up and stating untruths that he’s already been corrected on. I think we should ignore him and delete any posts like the one above that contain clear untruths (eg that node aging is incomplete, when David has just said is complete). @moderators


Yes we did node age a while back now shows related tasks that were part of it. so all good there :+1: We still have work on add new nodes and split, but all the split machinery is in place and we test that as well. It is hard to work with the constant negativity from that account, it’s was always on the edge of truthfulness but has now morphed into something worse. It really does not help the team who are very dedicated and focused to stay that way.

The only thing I can think is that person has perhaps sold all their coins and is in some kind of revenge mission or has some other weird reason to deflate folk. However it is turning into much more a joke now, so probably starting to backfire as the accusations get more ludicrous.


v0.17.0-alpha.0 - compatible with Baby Fleming
v0.16.0 - Not compatible with the recent Baby Fleming release


Then why don’t you just sell your stack and leave? You clearly aren’t impressed with progress, so do the decent thing and go. This time, don’t create another account and come back again a couple of weeks later, starsmick.

Just. Go.




If @dirvine thinks the cheese account is a serious distraction and closing it would make Maidsafe’s job easier, I’ll do it. This would typically be an internal discussion for the @moderators, but it’s been very public this far, so… Any objections?

I’m thinking this might be the last chance for you to change your tune @Starsmick/@gouda123.


I think it is more likely this person bought in at much higher prices, and is too heavily invested to sell now, it would be devastating to him. That’s why all the bitterness and that’s why he cannot leave.

I think that bitterness can be understood (in the meaning that one can see how some could end up there), but it is an unfortunate combination when it’s mixed with ignorance and what seems like inability to take in arguments (or trust the words of others). It makes him not perceiving/understanding the progress. Then he exaggerates what he misunderstood, because he is bitter and has an immature need to “revenge”, and can’t see that it’s not making anything better for anyone, including himself.

That seems to be his situation, from my view.

So, what I’m saying is, you might say to him “Leave, go, no one wants you here!”. But, in the same way, considering the above potential scenario, he’s not really going to leave just because of that, is he?

Then there is the censorship option…

Or we all just ignore or spend time on showing everyone how wrong he is (depending on priorities). It takes time, but the other options aren’t really “free” either.


My personal non-moderator view/advice is to just ignore the troll completely. There is always going to be ignorance and malice. No need to get overly emotional. But that’s just me.


Just want to take the opportunity to the importance of listing features when large releases are made.

For example as of last week did not show node aging complete. Before reddit took down the posts about baby Fleming one person commented something like “Fleming sounds interesting but what does it do?”. It would be good if we can shout as loud as possible about what features large release have, on twitter and so on. Just a simple list of what features baby Fleming and other large releases contains. We need the world outside this forum to know more and more about SAFE. I understand that the pace have been high lately and focus have been to just get the baby crawling, but it would be good if we could also shout to the world that the baby is crawling.

@happybeing I tag you as this post might be of interest.


Definitely. It’s not within the scope of what the company does now though. But it’s what @Sotros25, @andyypants, @TylerAbeoJordan et. al. are working on. They’ve got some really good things going on on that front.

Updates like these are of lower priority than before, but I think that maybe @frabrunelle or @StephenC, might be able to squeeze in more of that. It’s up to them to prioritize though.


The guy seriously said that people saying “great progress” is FUD… in bold. I usually read people’s posts for the full argument when up for possible interpretation, but I am physically incapable of reading past such a completely incorrect on all possible levels statement. My body won’t let me do it. It’s so absurd that I can say I’ve never come across something so ludicrous as to disable me from reading something from a particular somebody ever again.

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Yeah that’s what I mean… This guy is in a fragile state, he’s not even getting that right. It’s not much to see here.

But this is just a single case. There’s going to be a lot more of real trolling, and competent trolling… It will be proportional to the awareness of the project. So, this is really nothing.


I’m happy to buy the 500 coins you own and release you from your torment


Please be encourage to flag inappropriate posts as inappropriate, as that will cause the post to be hidden when 2 or 3 people flag it and alert the moderators to the need for potential moderation.

Please flag a post as inappropriate rather than responding as that doesn’t feed a troll or a narcissist who both do not see the criticism as valid. They will never see criticism as applying to them and thus you can get hundreds of posts/replies when trying to correct these people’s bad approaches to expressing their entitlement.

While this post to encourage using the flag feature, it will be seen as applying to recent posters, but it is only a general reminder to encourage people to flag rather than feed.


How true these words are, even today.


Another one bites the dust!

Down goes node ageing! Lol


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