Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Why it bothers you wanted to trigger gouda123 stay calm :smiley:

one keyboard, two accounts…

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Today safe-api (master) is compatible again with safe_vault (fleming).

Status changes every other day. Last minutes updates before delivery ? (but no rush required from my part).


I am calm.

You, on the other hand…


New repo appeared in Github-

What can this mean, new issues/ tasks, dont recon this was mentioned anywhere in the updates, or anyone?

First mentioned back around July last year IIRC, EDIT: actually May 18 by @Nigel MaidSafe Dev Update - May 10, 2018

DKG Distributed Key Generation is a supporting technology to BLS.
I’m sure someone will find a more accurate/elegant way of putting it but thats my understanding.
EDIT: Did you click on the link to ?


This has been mentioned a few times, as recently as November in updates.

This is a very low-level implementation which isn’t really relevant in practice to the majority of the forum readers, but the long and short of it is that the network needs to find a way to prove whether or not a node in the network is being honest about its transactions, and a way to generate quorum so that the network can agree as a whole whether it accepts a nodes actions.

What this repository you’ve flagged is going to do is allow the network to agree on cryptographic signing keys, prove after the fact that a given node had the keys it said it did (thereby proving its actions were all honest) and generate the signing keys / quorum decisions without having to have a central trusted body (like certificate authorities in the HTTPS/TLS system of the internet).

Put simply: this is an incremental step towards an autonomous network, rather than a network controlled by Maidsafe exclusively.


Absolutely. We already have a version of DKG implemented that uses parsec, but currently does not provide a complain/justify path. So this repo will allow that but also be more generic so clients can also use it and freely set m and n parameters and not be limited to thresholds of 2f+1 (f == faulty/byzantine) which is a weaker quorum and not a democratic quorum in a traditional BFT algorithms (sync or async) as they have a >2/3 quorum, so the threshold max in using 2f+1 is 1/3, which is less than 50% and unnatural :wink: This crate will simply improve on that and is likely required for client multisig to be meaningful.


Means we also work weekends :wink:


But are they compatible with the third part of the triptych, I mean latest release of safe-browser (v0.16.0-alpha.3)? I ask the question to @maidsafe because I don’t succeed in connecting it to the vault.

The vault is running on Ubuntu and has generated this config file: ~/.config/safe_vault/vault_connection_info.config.

The browser is running on Windows 10 and I copied the vault config file to C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\MaidSafe\safe_vault\config\vault_connection_info.config.

This is the procedure I always followed in the past. But now I get this error “The SAFE Browser was not able to connected the network.”. Is this procedure still valid?

Edit : I didn’t pay attention there is a GHA branch in safe_browser and I guess this is the one that is compatible with latest safe_vault. But unfortunately it has no binary release and I am not able to build one. So I’ll have to wait a little more to have a complete system.

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It’s worth mentioning that I’ve struggled with getting my vault in Ubuntu to connect to my browser in Windows 10. I’m going to assume that, like me, you’re using Windows-Subsystem-For-Linux?

If so, I managed to get it working by installing the vault binary in Windows using Powershell (with administrator rights - required to restart the auth demon). It’s janky as all heck and I’d rather just use it through Ubuntu\Bash, but it works.


No, I am not.

I compiled safe_vault and safe-api from source in a VPS with Ubuntu, but I installed SAFE browser binary msi on a local PC.

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I am so curious what we will get tomorrow :star_struck: Maybe first testnet? testnet of testnet? :joy:


HI Cheesy, hi pal. seems to have been busy today. I’m taking this as a Good Thing.
There is obviously a lot of hard work going on. We may not get what we all want tomorrow - or maybe we will - but we are certainly a lot further down the road to Fleming.


We still far away to get all we want, It’s like never ending horror nightmare

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Just off to search for a blade for my wrists, then.
Sorry, I didn’t realise it was just so awful and how deep we were in the Slough of Despond*.

Thotts n prayers

*Actually a tourist attraction near @happybeing’s mooring


At the risk of beginning a flame war, @frabrunelle can we do something about @Lackys continuous stream of negativity in these threads? I’m not normally one to call out community members on their behaviour but this is starting to become ridiculous - it casts a dark shade over these threads at the start of every week.

If you aren’t happy with the development progress, that’s fine and you should feel free to give that feedback, but if we’re at a point where every dev update thread has the spectre of needless complaints it can be really demotivating - not only for the community but for the Maidsafe team too. We’re reaching a point where we are going past the point of humouring it for the sake of dignity and in to the realms of the aggravating behaviour being simply unwelcome.


I don’t know if it’s really worth it @Shane. There are 2-3 or so people among, what, 50-100? That are constantly negative. This is the internet it’s really nothing. It’s obvious to everyone who these are and that they are constantly negative, so it’s not really a problem IMO. Bitter people who always see the glass as half full, you can always count on a small number of those anywhere.

The worst things I have seen has always been when we pay any attention to them, lose our temper, feed them or get paranoid about their motives. That blows it all out of proportion and just damages us, it’s never been looking pretty…

Now, there’s always some limit, when people get too active, a bit to keen on causing damage, at which point I see it as perfectly fine to send them out. These guys doesn’t really do much else than show that they’re bitter and negative, which is mostly a problem for them, but it doesn’t strike me as especially threatening to us.

That’s my view anyway.


Just rip the pish occasionally :slight_smile:

But don’t let them get you angry. Far better to ridicule the sad little losers…