Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Aiming for release during October:

Aiming for release during November:


This is illogical questioning.

  • David has already said he will tell us in advance of any upcoming financial issues
  • If David is lying about that then what is to say he would not lie now to you

It is illogical since this question proves you did not believe him previously when he reassured you that he would give plenty of notice. And so why would you believe any answer now. Unless its doom answer.

And of course you ignore assurances of the fact there were other sources of finance happening.


Deathly quiet on the repos today, and not just Maidsafe but everything I follow so it might be a github notifications prob?


Nice way to wrap up the week! Exciting times!! :star_struck:


according to github no progress in node aging or BLS lately - are there some problems ? Just checked the task level board and Node aging is delayed now aiming for november…

This is from Thursday’s update. Github does not always reflect progress as has been told you many times now


I saw the update, there where 2 small tasks left for node aging 2 weeks ago according to the update, and still those are not tackled thus my question about maybe some new issues.

It’s software, there are always issues and will be until we get AI to code for us :wink:
We are doing a mass cleanup in parallel here and there is overlap where the cleanup fixes bugs that we see in tests, so rather than fix those incorrectly we are letting some cleanup fix them properly. This is Engineering so we will always see this, otherwise all we would need is typists :wink: Speed is very very good right now.


I’m becoming more and more convinced you’re trolling for fun. I find it difficult to believe a person who has followed this project for at least two years is genuinely this ignorant about software development. Please get lost, or at least shut up. Think about it, @moderators.


November is only 3 days away. Why the panic? It will happen

Relax people :man_shrugging: @anon94252342 did value more progress where he didn’t expect as much and now is a bit emotionally challenged because he expected some things to move faster… All just human reactions and asking questions when the world around you doesn’t match your expectations is a very healthy reaction imho…

Questions got asked - and the answers help everyone to understand better where we are so it’s a win for the community I would say :hugs:


I feel it helps and hinders. Good to know more detail, but it means we slow down to answer. So perhaps less snooping on single repositories and being adversarial in questions will help a lot. Otherwise we slow to to zero progress to answer every single small bit of thinking time.

So good in way, really bad for progress. To me the updates are the more honest appraisal we have. They show fast progress or slow and that is a better place to question. All subjective though, but if we ever take time to think and folk are on our backs almost immediately we will fail.

Either there is belief or there is not.


I just hope that my asking them to ask politely and with consideration will sink in one day, because others who ask the same probing questions with respect usually get great answers and sometimes not quite enough. The devs in my estimation have earned the respect and as such deserved to be treated as if they are not lying to keep us here another day.

Even when fearful most can muster up some respect to show others when desiring information or reassurance. And that is all I ask people who question. But after a year or so of this style of asking as if aggression gets results (bullying), I do not expect many to respect that style of questioning. Maybe for some of the scams out there where they are just stringing people along it might be justified.

And I think David addresses this and I’d add that if people ask respectively and actually remember some of the previous answers (eg Github is not the whole) then answering respective questions is far easier because that nasty taste that lingers for a long time is not there.

@anon94252342 Please learn off others who ask the same questions you do but in a calm and respectful way. Being (passive) aggressive leaves a nasty taste in people’s mouth since its accusing them of not being truthful. I say that because you admitted to reading the update, you have been told multiple times Github does not give you the real picture, but yet still ask as if the team on the update lied to you.

Ask as if you at least trust the answer you will be given. Then remember it for next time you want to (passively) accuse the same thing again. You are welcome to ask questions, but learn off others how to ask them to get answers and not slow things down by leaving a nasty taste in the mouths of those you (passively) accuse by disbelieving previous answers.


Maybe Starsmick comes from one of those Eastern European countries where politeiness is not a learned thing. Maybe he thinks he is being polite in his own way? But he is a panic merchant and he wouldn’t make my soccer team


I fully agree - i just want us to stay an open and reflective community =)

And when I read the reactions on starsmick it just felt like I should say something :man_shrugging:


I think this was not confirmed/ mentioned lately- is the common coin issue to be addressed and fixed before launch or will this be done later ?maybe someone from community knows?


I think there is a chance of some testnets next week maybe. Or maybe already something like that is happening, the team mentioned 2 weeks ago in the weekly update:

We are pulling it all together here and leaving time to focus on internals (such as replacing emulated BLS with real BLS) while we try out small testnets (possibly all private to begin with) and confirm acceptability.


I had no idea what you were asking about, so I searched “common coin”.
It seems common sense to me that it must be fixed before launch.
Surely that makes sense to you also?
We cant launch without everything in place to make the network run properly.


just found this nice link in github , added by @joshuef xd its some screenshots from safeapp i believe

safe app looks clean !



concernfag: someone who always seems to be concerned about things that they have no control over.

griefer: spreads grief and participates primarily to interfere