Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

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I’ve not looked at the project boards but I’m wondering, with wild optimism if we’ll see the first new style vault soon. That’s not a test network, if I understand correctly, but a single real vault that simulates the network on a single machine. One small step for a secure storage system, one … :moon:


That should be simple but real vault with out PARSEC, farming and test coins, but before release of Fleming all these parts have to be included.

It is based on plan to release Vault after Phase I.


Fleming first. Maxwell after that.


Read all about new SAFE mobile browser (POC) release.


Test coins are included and already implemented in the Phase 1 vault, by the way. :slight_smile:


Is it me or has node aging icon turned from design to code recently. Wooooo!

Edit : secure message delivery


Its not just you, yes secure messaging has recently turned to code, or was it node aging? Lol



6 x To do
4 x In progress
5 x Done

This is progress from last 3 weeks.

Node Ageing paused for few months.


Any chance of Fleming release or at least testnet before/on time for the Turing Fest 2019 (28th August)? Is that even a goal?

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The only goals for each release is ASAP, no outside influence at all, just get it done asap and no messing around waiting/delaying etc.


what happened with the beta launch estimate? I heard you supposed to be able to tell more or less when the beta will be launched, is that not actual anymore?If there are no unknown left, just coding -that shouldnt be any diffucult to estimate.

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Oh man are you even reading the updates and seeing the releases. We are getting very much in line now. Be aware there the chance of estimates being accurate enough for you is a probability tending to zero. We will very soon have tested the project velocity enough to have a good idea of an estimated timeframe, not a date and hour, but a timeframe. It may even still b inaccurate, but closer than any previous attempt.

To be clear,it is currently all hands to code and release and less to answer these kinds of pointed accusation/questions. Read the updates, check the plan and see for yourself if it bothers you so much you need to stop us working to answer these questions of yours.

The plan is working , the releases are happening and I have a last big issue to raise in house to enable folk to really motor on even harder. So if you let us do that and be happy with progress then we all win. In this current push I won’t allow distractions from launch :wink:


Ok, Sorry for disturbing.

PS. I would be happy with an estimate like- this year we aim for beta… No need for more precise timeframe.


Confident my thinking is in line with most of the community here, but you are under no obligation to answer any of these posts. You already spend much more time answering these sorts of questions than many other CEO would, add in the CTO role and i’m not sure how anyone can expect you to spend any time on this forum as it obviously takes you away from more important stuff.

The forum is a magical place at the moment, i hope you feel it too. Lots of positive discussion, RDF feedback, the lightning dev pace, good interaction between MaidSafe employees and the community etc. I’m sure that even non members or first time readers will see the great discourse currently ongoing and pay no heed to the “when moon/when release” crowd.

So, if you went missing from the forum for a while during this super important time of development work, I’m sure everybody would understand why.


This year for beta? C’mon

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what ? still a lot of months left. whats the issue

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Read the Maxwell tasks yet to be done on the Back End board