Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Hi @Nigel, there’s nothing firm yet but basically, yes.

As you’ll already know, the mobile authenticator is currently a P.O.C. and it’s sitting on GitHub. When it’s in a more polished state then we’d hopefully be looking at getting it on to the Google Play Store for Android, and for iOS we’d probably be looking at TestFlight (initially at least). That being said though, we might look at other options as well.

#dontholdmetoallthis #dontaskmefordates

Is that too much of a politician’s answer?



Nope, just very much a ‘David’ answer…see what I did there :smile:


So much for “SAFE Tinder” :joy: jk


I see there is much work going on in Github on Parsec, In the latest update there was info that the team will have a break for a week or two from Parsec, so its a bit confusing… any confirmation from the team?

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I dont care about that stuff wanna see fleming :smiley:

It was already mentioned in the Update last week

yes but it seems like work on parsec is on full steam… thats why Im asking.

The update said “this week”, and that was last week.

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Different team members had different time for holidays. As of today, we’re all back except Adam who will be on and off until the end of the month. We don’t generally go into details about everyone’s exact holiday time. This is a public forum, so you may understand why. The only reason we mentioned it last week was because we happened to have a lot of overlapping holidays, so that would have a significant impact on our velocity :wink:



Things that make you go hmmm…


what does this say?. Im not an IT guy so I dunno…

soak tests are normally internal running of the software to see if any bugs pop up. sometimes its done before releases but i think this is just one of a few before we see alpha 3.

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so its like the first step to start testnets for Alpha3? Sounds good :slight_smile:

Yep. It usually means that it’s ready enough to test the whole system and see how it reacts to realistic workloads. See if there are systemic bugs or scale related bugs that don’t show up in individual module testing. Sounds very hopeful, but there could be a fair phase of this.


Is it going to be a valentine’s special update.


Is there a chance to see a testnet today? What do you guys think? :thinking:
Or is there to much that has to be done to launch a public testnet?

still alot of commits to be done according to github, sad but the pace is not the fastest

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hhehe calm down boy…

Mid March is my guess. But what do I know?

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