Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Question for 100 points - is the coin protocol issue solved?


I think they’ve probably made progress but not yet solved it. Maidsafe really hashes things out and weighs their options to make sure things are truly secure and decentralized but we’ll know more soon won’t we!?


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But can’t wait to hear what’s going on behind the scenes too!

ps: okay - and after davids comment i really can’t wait to hear what they found out about the common coin/magic coin challenges :scream: i’ll get some coffee to cool down a bit


Anyone else feel that each Thursday now feels like Christmas morning?


Used to :cry:

Definitely remember that feeling tho


Yup, agreed…:smile:

I’m really looking forward to hearing more about the SAFE Academy. I feel like this could be a great gateway for beginners and therefore could be a great starting point for the Meetups.

As @19eddyjohn75 stated somewhere else:

Silly fantasy or not, I do believe that you’re hitting the nail on the head. Let’s not wait for devs to come on board, let’s create the devs ourselves. :slight_smile: And let’s start with the Meetups.

A meetup with presentations and to discuss the network with people that already know the network is great and all, but if you label a meetup ‘Academy’ and make part (most) of it a hands-on workshop to create content on the Alpha-network for newcomers and students, that would be a big step forward IMO.


I swear we will see first test net today :smiley: What do you guys think?

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That would be awesome but I’m thinking we’ll be getting more of an update on what is currently being worked out regarding the concrete coin/BFT stuff, which is still very exciting! Maidsafe take some of the most cutting edge, novel, and also time tested technologies, on top of their own designs and engineer it all into a Swiss Army knife of freedom. How could we not be excited about that?!


Nice. I will be quoting this.


A single iconic song changes everything… Pronunciations included.


i hope @anon40006692 is right xD :smiley:


What’s this?? Announcements back to Tuesdays again :grin:.
Really excited to learn more about this one!

First we had Crust (connections from one node to the other on IP-level) and it now seems Routing is “done”. That means secure and well tested group consensus on everything that needs groups consensus. Like forming groups, looking after a piece of data etc. On these 2 modules (Crust and Routing) you can build the rest of The SAFE Network…

Just a bit of speculation though… Maybe they worked on a MaidSafe Hyperloop, who knows!

source: link


Ducks. The new ants.


When the hard works done and its going swimmingly :rofl:


OMG, i’am running around in circles right now, can’t wait until tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue: “It’s not Alpha 3, we think it’s bigger than that!”, how can it be bigger than alpha 3!!!, fusion power plant, found life on Mars??? :grinning: Exciting times to be alive!!


Working on consensus, figuring out that data can be in conflicting state at the very same moment to several different nodes, maidsafe finds a solution to schrodinger cat paradox.

In other news within the crypto space, Consensus conference in NY ends without a single line of code discussed …


Bigger than alpha 3, is alpha 4. Lol. Just saying…


I hope this kind amazing accomplishment will echo across the crypto/computer science elite and draw alot of attention across all of the worlds brilliant minds.

Hopefully they swich their focus from lambos and instead give the SAFE-network the attention it deserves.

  • Pied Piper Network being renamed to SAFENetwork on Silicon Valley, or new MAIDSafe series planned?
  • Significant academic progress, candidate for Fields Medal to a member of the team?
  • Sliced Bread V2.0 released.
  • Advance to SAFENet Beta, if you pass Alpha 4 collect 200 Safecoins.
  • Tim Berners-Lee joins Maidsafe team
  • Venezuela, Greece, (insert other financially troubeld country ) vows to adopt SAFECoin on launch.
  • The butler did it, in the server room with a 56K modem and an FPGA
  • Large network of universities will form a collaboration to bring the SAFENet in to the lives of many, as it did with the origional internet.
  • Brexit is cancelled?
  • SAFECoin to replace the Euro?
  • Nobel peace prize awarded for efforts to level the global communications field, enable peace progress?
  • Wait… I have a time machine, I can just go back to the year 2008 and start developing the network then?
  • I for one welcome our new AI overlords.
  • Other… please specify below.

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Pretty sure that’s a goose…

Any birdwatchers able to confirm?

Maybe close groups should be renamed gaggles?

Anyway, this is very exciting - looking forward to hearing the details :smiley:

Edit: Hmm… they are bar-headded geese… are MaidSafe re-locating to Barrhead? That wouldn’t necessarily be anything to get excited about :smiley: