Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Everyone knows the real winner is who firsts at alpha 2 !!!


^please don’t get me started i’m not even interested in such a thing why have you done this

If you build SAFE Browser from source (master branch), you will see that the button that says claim an invitation points to this site. Fingers crossed!

EDIT: Noticed how the site responded with Forbidden when I tried clicking on the “Safe Network Forum”-link. Maybe this is the reason why we haven’t seen any updates from the dev-team yet?

EDIT 2: The link from my original edit seems to work now, but I am now getting the error Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network when entering the invitation token in the SAFE Browser. Seems like the update is on its way now!


Just to clarify, if I write a script to first consistently on a weekly basis is it considered cheating ?

Has 3 first in a row already been performed in the history of this forum ?

Who has the best firsting track record ?


No, banking :wink:

I might have had two in a row, not sure. Not sure anybody made three.

Been busy @SwissPrivateBanker?..


I am going to get a licence as soon as I possibly can. The interest is so real. You have no idea.

There is already a crypto valley setting up in Zug.

My job is changing fast from wealth manager to crypto broker really.

What makes it still a pain is opening these bloody accounts at bitstamp and kraken for new comers. It’ still takes week to verify and for transfer to get approved and credited.

Plus remember no tax on crypto capital gains inSwitzerland. Whales and bitcoin traders are settling here.


Alpha 2 is approaching and Test 17 is immanent. It brings with the authenticator and mutable data. Assuming only minor bugs will arise they should be mostly done. From there on what are your guesses what comes next in the most logical order.

How granular can we get? We have the roadmap but it isn’t very detailed. Let’s do it here. How will maidsafe iterate? What small steps will have to be taken to reach each milestone?


I love switzerland.

wanna grant me citizenship? :wink:

Good luck with your ventures. I really hope it’ll explode like crazy.


Happy to be the first to bump this today :grin: I normally scorn the update prediction game but I’ll play.

A) iteration of existing Test 17
B) all-forum Test 17
C) public Test 17
D) Alpha 2!

I am not @Nigel so D is out of the question :wink:

I’d hope for B. Not sure there’s really any difference between A, B and C anyway, from a practical POV. Perhaps more rigor in testing, but it feels like they have identified most issues already.

Fwiw, I have installed the browser for the first time, visited sites, played games and all without any trouble. V exciting. More so when someone releases v1 of their app.


I hope for B as well… And yes, quite some differences. Not all visible though, Here’s for the SAFE Browser;


I’ll play :slight_smile::

A 49.999999999999999999999999%
B 5%
C 45%
D 0.0000000000000000000000001%

I don’t see much point in B but hey, you’re giving me odds right :grimacing:


Pragmatically I’m guessing B though C is a definite possibility. I would guess they would want to test with some unfriendly’s before alpha 2 just to ensure robustness. :yum:

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I’ll have a ‘C’ please Bob

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I’d like to give 1 maid to each person who guesses right, so that I enter folklore sometime in 2030 as the next bitcoin pizza guy. But I won’t.


@danski Would you at least be willing to pay maid for some of my finest alpaca socks???


What’s your alpaca going to wear if you sell them?


Gator boots of course…


Incremental update, steady progress testnet 17 to continue as is without becoming fully public just yet p.s. hopefully some more progress on the android side and top of my personal wishlist helper functions in development


E) User run vaults. :wink:


Yeah I’ve been wondering when user run vaults will show up.