Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


All I hear are crickets… Chirp… Chirp :slight_smile:


test 15 test 15 test 15!

yay… /bring on alpha2 asap! :grin:


Crust arrived at version 0.22.1


A lot of code got merged to master:


Crust just got updated to version 0.23.0

Does this means that “Bootstrap Cache” might me active on TEST 15?? Would be quite cool, then we could join with Vaults even while the droplets are offline. Would be a nice test for Alpha 2 ;-). Just speculating though…


Maidsafe utilities arrived at version 0.10.2


SAFE Browser, Wooooooooooootttttt… :slight_smile:

DOM API Merged:

DOM API injected for developing dynamic web apps

Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)

Awesome! Test 15 and alpha 2 will have dynamic websites!


BIG update coming this week :smile:


The SAFE Browser with Authenticator are planned for Alpha 3. But I wouldn’t be surprised if… :grin:.


Routing arrived at version 0.28.3


Hey everyone,

As some of you might have noticed, we were getting the versions updated to put TEST-15 out today. However, the routing soak tests spotted a potential issue with the node joining process. We just patched it (see this PR) and we would like to run the soak tests again, including this patch too. So all things going well, we should have TEST-15 with the dev update tomorrow (take that with a grain of salt), if soak testing tonight goes smooth that is :slight_smile:

Running the soak tests overnight should give us confidence that the issue is resolved, rather than risk putting out an untested patch today.


Thank you for the heads up.


What’s the reason for Dom API implementation? I thought it already had dom?


From the dev update:

Here’s more:




Ah thanks for refreshing my memory. The same safe-js but more sophisticated for the safe browser.

Cool. Can’t wait to check out the example-demo.


I’m still a little confused FSR: Does Test15/Alpha 2 include vaults from home?


As far as we know test15 is test13 plus more/fixes

The minimum bandwidth needed could be still at 6Mbits/sec or maybe lower. I hope its lower like 2Mbits/sec

Guess we will find out when its announced.


I thought Test 15 = Alpha 2 = vaults from home. Trying to piece this together (been away for a while), but I’m drawing on these two quotes:

“Our current thinking is that once we have confirmed the stability of the soon to be launched Test 15 (some may have expected 12d), this will become Alpha 2. The Alpha 2 network will supersede all existing networks.”
—MaidSafe Dev Update - March 9, 2017

And …

“In Alpha 2 we’ll see support with Vaults from home and new routing.”


I doubt very much doubt test15 is or was meant to be alpha2

The alpha2 is meant to run for a while and the test is just that a test