Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Don’t know if I missed this one before but “Safe core” got a new name:

Hello safe_client_libs


This is Will Gallo signing in at 1:37 am, (got here about 11 hours too early for the update lol so I’ll just post my hopes and dreams :D)

I want the authenticator to come out today!!! At least some type of early version. Very excited to learn the new paradigm and start making apps that interact with it!!! Looking to perhaps make a small test app, something like a web-based safe:// email client, just to test things out (and to show yahoo Inc.; it would really show the merit of SAFE to be empowered to make a 100% secure email service in one day while their company has had over a decade and still fails largely on a regular basis… Power of SAFE!!!)

Authenticator!!! That’s my whole Xmas dec25 wish list!!!


Quite some code merged in routing over the last week:

Also lot of code in safe_clients_libs (previous “safe core”)

Check a list of error-messages here.


Have you tasted yet?

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Is it just me or is that looking like the precursors for messaging? Maybe we’ll get messaging for Christmas maybe even safecoin.

I have a couple of early Christmas presents for the community, first of all an updated and less buggy version of My Favorite Drinks:


Have a drink on me! … while waiting for the Dev update. :slight_smile:

This is a remotestorage.js app, so everything you create is stored locally, until… you “connect” to SAFE by clicking the blue SAFEnetwork icon (top right) and authorising the app in SAFE Launcher.

Once connected it syncs with your SAFE account (red cube glowing light and dark) and if you visit the app from another computer, that will sync and download your favorite drinks like magic.

Just a demo, and still some bugs, but usable. Happy holidays :slight_smile:


@Blindsite2k I wouldn’t get my hopes up for safecoin yet but I believe I saw some merges in what was previously safe core, for messaging that would demonstrate chat capabilities. But again that might just be close and not today. I’ve been guilty of getting ahead of myself in expectations here as of late. I see a lot of progress and can follow to a certain extent what’s to come perhaps but don’t have the knowledge to foresee just how much work or what kind of work it would take for such developments to be complete and released. So let’s just breath and be thankful that this team takes baby steps to get things right.


You know this might sound stupid but I think after all these updates I’m going to need a primer as to how to use the SAFE network. We’ve got a browser and demo app and a bunch of template apps and the new authenticator and gah I’m not even sure how to upload files at this point. That being said even having chat messaging would be awesome. Actually that would be REALLY awesome.


Yeah there have been lots of iterations and changes. And sorry I didn’t have upload capabilities built into my demo app :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll learn how to do that and then it will be 100% complete and as fully functional as the original demo app

And messaging is totally possible at this point, and kind of exists with the email client. But you probably mean real-time chat, and that should definitely be possible even with the current data types as they stand now I think? Just needs to be built.


Highlevel API for easier development #438


Update withdrawal!! :nerd:
There was some suggestion on here (not officially) that vaults were coming on the 10th.
I think not… anybody feeling more optimistic?


I just saw in @dirvine branch of routing that some data chains docs and terms (link blocks etc) are making their way in. This is by no means an indication that data chains will be ready anytime soon but that it’s getting a little bit of prep. I hope I’m not spoiling anything either way. Data chains will have to go through the review process I assume but one thing is for sure I’m excited by its prospect. Very cool and disruptive. I’m not expecting vaults on Jan 10 but I feel like it was definitely hinted at which makes me anxious for a test 12 :smile:


I’m more optimistic too…

Fingers and toes crossed.



Spying the devs on GitHub doesn’t say that much. Testing etc. takes place away from GH. But I think this one is interesting. As far as I understand, features like this are only opened after long testing and debugging. Seeing it being open as a Pull Request doesn’t say that much, but somehow I feel it’s a good sign :clap:. I guess “Resource Proof” isn’t that far away from being implemented in the repo. And as we all know, Resource Proof will be part of the upcoming V… :dancers:.


I agree with all those statements as well. For us following it’s more just an indication of where things are headed not any indication of when whatsoever. Looks like resource proof has gone through a bit of review and I think that is decent proof it’s getting where it needs to be


It’s almost time to do the happy dance! Dev Update day is almost here!


I feel a little lost at the moment, please correct me where I am wrong.
Will it go this way, disjoint groups then data chains then node aging?
If that is correct how will upcoming vaults have improved data retention and control of weak nodes when node aging and data chains are to my (limited) understanding what is needed.

It’s been kind of hard to keep up lately life is busy. (I think for some this is the case not lack of interest as mentioned in the other thread)


I think it’s Disjoint Groups -> Node Aging -> Data Chains. Not 100% sure though…

Node Aging is about weak nodes control and Data Chains about data retention / recovery.


IIRC data chains are last in that order, so we have disjoint groups and node aging being completed at the moment which I believe allows home vaults, fingers crossed, sometime over the next few weeks.

I don’t have the best of memories though, so watch for corrections… or the confirmatory like :wink:

Edit: ahah confirmation ^^


As per RFCs on github node aging is agreed but not active? Also a prerequisite in the node aging RFC is that data chains are implemented?