Pre-Comnet thread

So, what is the plan for tommorrow @Josh?

Something like this, or maybe just what comes out of the box? Either way is fine by me.

Gotta say the Comnet last week got me really excited! Interesting to see how the next one performs. Pitty that quite likely I’m not able to join as a node.

As of now there are no new releases so unless there is a new release by tomorrow afternoon I think we should consider spicing things up one way or another.
(My vote would always be a vanilla run when we have fresh releases)

As Chris noted setting node sizes is not yet available via node join which makes it a little less straight forward for joining nodes to set their size.

I looked around but could could not find where this would be done. The issue with such changes is that it would (presumably) require a fork, I am not sure how many people would go with that. Perhaps I misunderstand and you can elaborate @jlpell.

Different topic but one of importance I feel is that we should be careful with what we upload to these tests. Nothing bad went up in the last but with the leaps made in retention and file sizes I hope everyone will agree to keep the tests clean in terms of copyright etc.
Especially now that movies transfer in a matter of minutes.
This is a concern of mine.

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I skimmed github and only saw the same default setting you did. I presume that is for the genesis section size when spinning up a testnet. When I get on a proper workstation I can dig further. Probably best to leave the node count rules alone (rather than artificially degrading them) and focus on everone using the same fixed vault size. I suggest something small, like 100MB or 1GB, and then everyone try to spin up as many nodes as possible to see how many section splits can be made. It would be nice if 2 cores per node would suffice.

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I agree with everything you said, this one too:

If there is no new release and we try with smaller nodes, is there a function for ‘network full’ announcement in place? I mean, if that becomes the reason for failure, is there a way to know it?

I have not used --max-capacity to start a node can anyone who has confirm how exactly we specify capacity. this is for the join instructions.
./sn_node --max-capacity <how exactly is 1gb specified here> --skip-auto-port-forwarding

is it 1073741824 or 1024 * 1024 * 1024 or does it matter …?
looks like bytes work so going with that

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`pub fn max_capacity(&self) -> u64`

Upper limit in bytes for allowed network storage on this node.

so I guess the first

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While “Gibibytes” are fun, might as well keep it simple with and go standard SI:

./sn_node --max-capacity 1000000000 --skip-auto-port-forwarding