[Pre-Alpha] PeerWeb – a browser based on WebTorrent

Just came across this this morning on twitter, might thought it be of interest here:

It’s based on the previously discussed webtorrents (which has evolved a lot since that discussion however).


Isn’t that what zeronet is doing? What’s the difference?


Isnt Maelstrom the same thing too??

I like the idea of these decentralized hosting protocols, but as far as I understand they are transparent as heck as far as who is accessing and contributing to the hosting,

…As easy to find who is using a site as it is to find who downloaded last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. :slight_smile:


More info on WebTorrent:

Netflix has already shown interest in WebTorrent.“It was
pretty cool to show off WebTorrent at Netflix headquarters,”
Aboukhadijeh said. “They were really interested in the possibility of
WebTorrent to help during peak hours when everyone is watching Netflix
and the uplink to ISPs like Comcast gets completely saturated.
WebTorrent could help by letting Comcast subscribers share data amongst
themselves without needing to traverse the congested Comcast-Netflix
internet exchange.”Peer-Assisted DeliveryOne of the more exciting WebTorrent uses is peer-assisted delivery, according to its website.
Non-profit projects like the Internet Archive and Wikipedia could cut
hosting costs and bandwidth by letting visitors contribute. Popular
content is served browser-to-browser, fast and cheaply. Rarely-accessed
content is sent over HTTP from the origin server.There are also business use cases, from CDNs to app delivery.


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