Praise "Brute Force of Government" to condemn digital currency?

" That’s another problem with bitcoin. It’s an attempt to operate a borderless, supranational scheme in a world where countries and borders still matter a lot. The fundamental weakness of any such libertarian scheme is that governments are backed up by force, and the schemes are not. The more ingenious they are, the more attention they attract – usually of the wrong kind.

" If Wright had to reveal himself as Satoshi because he’s threatened with ruin or jail time, the value of his supposed fortune is not $400 million, as the current bitcoin price suggests; it’s zero. Fiat money represents the brute force of the governments behind it. Bitcoin only stands for about 5 million people’s ideal of stateless freedom; it’s not a good shield when things go bad."

Is this sort of like a landless peasant of the 16th century volunteering to die in the army of the king?



This is interesting because every big bank in the world thinks that some R3 varient of bitcoin is it. Tim Cook of Apple has said money will be replaced by bitcoin. The states and corporations have a rift?

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It’s amazing that the author is advocating the PROBLEM of fiat and the brute force it gives its implementers, aka “government” and saying the solution to this problem is worse…

Interesting glimpse into the way some people think, or want other people to think.

There is a one world currency group, I’ve linked to it somewhere on this forum. That one world currency group is a big time one world government group and its not lacking for power players. Its even put out a book on how this stuff is supposed to go down. And its actually got some attack dog advocates including if memory serves the guy who wrote the book.

Would love to read it. Think it’s authentic?

Yes if I could even find the link. Its a monster tomb. And the Bonapartis- can’t remember his name goes in these elite UFC style debate matches to challenges other elites. My cursory (not claiming I know the field or material) looks showed me a bunch of claims but it starts with them not liking the economic drag that currency trading creates.

found the link with the links and link to the book:

I disagree with the first quote. It sounds as if libertarians should wait until countries and borders stop to matter. Good luck with that!

Bitcoin is not backed by force. How’s that bad? It is the fiat money that’s a problem and their actions expose fiat what what it is, a tax on those who accept it.
The more attention governments attract to their thieving schemes and the use of force, the better.

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