Potential Exchange Listings

Honestly, I haven’t used them. I’ve only used Bittrex for years, and since I found out about UniSwap last year, I haven’t used anything else for other coins. My personal opinion is that we have a brutally bad history with centralized exchanges and if there is a possibility I will personally use only decentralized…


I’m more than happy to put what I woulda put to binance into a liquidity pool on uni, actually, I’d put alot more in.
Let’s hope Deus comes up with a transparent trustable solution.


Are you sure about this, I am able to access the site and there is an unverified tier with $5000 per day withdrawal limits.

As a person stuck in the doldrums of US isolation anything is better than nothing.


tradeogre.com has no kyc, anyone used them/ had experience?

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I read it here, not confirmed it personally.


This review tells a different story.

“Altilly does not list US-investors as prohibited from trading. However, US-investors should do their own independent assessment of any problems arising from their residency or citizenship.”



Usage of volume bots (although likely relatively ubiquitous) isn’t great; however, the circumstances as iterated above certainly make an Altilly listing seem more favorable at this time. Should MAID get listed on Altilly the standard warnings always apply: never leave (large amounts of) crypto on any exchange and proceed with caution.


Hey folks, Altilly has listed MAID!! Super excited about this and will continue to help out pre-populating listing apps where I can :smile:

I’ve shared an updated Bitfinex app with @frabrunelle, so we’ll see what happens there.


Well, I did a little more looking about.


Personally I dont like the way he talks about his customers in the top sentence.

It seems they bought altilly of a guy called Mike, I’m assuming that’s the same Mike promoting the bot.

Altilly was held under the hodler enterprises, which now no longer exists.

It is now owned by qredit i believe.

Looks like hodler mining or enterprises was investigated by their countries equivalent of the sec, according to


It seems their enterprises keep changing hands and names.

Altilly is now registered in Estonia.

Seems like they had / have plans to transfer to Jersey.

All in all, far to much movement in ownership and region for me to even guess at what the future holds, or where they’ll end up.

Time will tell


If Mike is no longer involved that sounds like a positive thing.


Hey there,

This is Bjorn reaching out on behalf of Polarity Exchange to see if you’d be interested in a listing. David told me to post here.

I do business development for Polarity Exchange, which is a multi-chain, hybrid DEX that makes it easier to build sustainable liquid markets for crypto coins / tokens.

With Polarity, we create a custom amm script for you that allows you to passively execute advanced market making strategies (choose your own price floors and ceilings, spreads, buy backs, etc) that are effective even when a market has low to moderate levels of liquidity.

Fees are very low ($0.01 usdt per trade), and all trades currently are only paired with usdt.

We have traditional 2fa but also an on-chain multi-factor signer and 2 other levels of security.

I’m happy to arrange a short call, and also here’s a link to start the application process with Polarity Exchange.


Could you post a link to the exchange, and tell us a little more about who you are, please?


USDT on Omni?

Few questions.

The underlying operational gas coin is the TurtleNetwork coin ($TN), it can be bought on the TurtleNetwork.

  1. Do we need to buy that in order to use and transact on the exchange?

All assets you deposit by the gateway are automatically wrapped in a similar process to WBTC

Deposits and Withdrawals are handled autonomously by the Gateway Services Layer through which users can audit the reserves simply by viewing the blockchain.

When you Link an account in the signup process you may be wondering, does Polarity have access to your funds? The answer is no, the operating model we have chosen to utilize is DEX based and as such all user funds are “sole-managed”.

When you initiate a Polarity Service Account, you will notice you do not have the keys to this account, this is a “broker-managed” account type.

Custodial “broker-managed” funds can be withdrawn at any time, they are here however to provide access to other Polarity services.

  1. I’m slightly confused, you don’t have access to the funds, they are sole managed.?

  2. But with a service account we don’t have access to keys, they are broker managed?
    By whom?

  3. If something goes wrong, do you accept any liability, will you replace loss of funds and if so in what instances will you ? And won’t you?

  4. Is there any chance at all of the gateway being disabled and us losing our funds?




You can find us at polarity.exchange

On telegram our group is @polarityexchange

Anything else you’d like to know?

  1. no, all exchange operations have been sponsored so that you will only pay USDT or other asset fees

  2. polarity users are utilizing their own addresses they have generated, which we do not have access to

  3. No, the user does have sole access to the keys, the user can optionally client side encrypt the key and send it to us but we will never have un-encrypted access (as it is client side encrypted) and therefore never be able to access the users funds.

  4. We will not accept any liability in relation to user error and as the wallet itself is only accessible to the user, this is the only circumstance for which they could lose funds.

  5. The gateways are run not only by Polarity but other groups such as TN Core, as such there is no central point of failure for all gateways simulataneously.


We are using the erc-20

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Thank you for your reply. It would be nice to know the real names of some of the people involved in Polarity. I can’t seem to find any such information on the site.

Our token is based on OMNI, so will you wrap this into ERC20 like bitcoin?

Would the community need to write a OmniLayer bridge?

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Thanks very much for that info.

  • 5000 USD equivalent of the token for market depth collateral
  • Active community larger than 10,000 users
  • Open to promotional related arrangements.

The 5k usd of tokens from us, I assume that is never refundable?

You say we must be open to promotional related arrangements, can we expect that to cost us more fiat / maid ?

Many thanks.

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