Potential Exchange Listings

Nobody said you had to ask those questions, but I have appreciated the opportunity to answer them.

The point of Polarity is that as a hybrid DEX we bake transparency directly into the product; each trade is auditable on-chain and users hold the private keys to their market making collateral.

I have definitely passed on your feedback about more info on the website. Thank you.

Sounds like the interest in Polarity is missing some luster, so no need to press this further on my end. Someone from your end can let me know if things change down the road.

Thanks again.

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Just to be safe, add some anti bot captchas in the registration process. Would hate for a script kiddy to start auto submitting filling your db w user registration junk just for the heck of it.


Oh for sure, the front-end is not connected right now. Just showcase of very basic stuff that will still get lots of edits. Captcha + email to create a wallet to avoid spam, not sure yet how I can make automated mail with confirmation email.


That’s right. Just like I don’t think anybody said you had to come to this forum asking people for money in the form of listing fees.

The opportunity to answer questions has been there as long as your site has been up. I wonder why you haven’t taken it.

I’m no trader, but I feel it’s my job as a moderator to keep my eyes open, and anybody anonymously asking for money sounds an alarm bell.


Where is that serverless network we are all waiting on!


Is it time for a Safe-hosted open exchange protocol/format working group? Safe’s future as, among other things, the premier infrastructure (network primitives) and API (colored Safe tokens) for alts/de-fi/fintech is probable.

With testnets returning after several years, it’s possible that we can skip oldnet entirely in satisfying the market demand for buying and trading Safe tokens.


We can also get this swap online on the SafeNetwork once it is live.

**It was offline because I was editing something, you can view it now.


Most likely the least important feedback that you will receive but… I love the palette!


Actually somebody did ask me to come to your forum to bring up Polarity.

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@DeusNexus @anon57419684 my understanding is an exchange or crypto swap site would be hard to build in the Primative v1.0 versions of native SAFE due to constraints and speed at which mutable data can change and basically there is no “fast database” when working with SAFE. If one or both of yall believe it can be done early on and work effectively this is a project I would like to help fund and spearhead possibly if any of you have interests developing it(and hopefully I can engineer on it some too). I would like to setup a very low flat fee % exchange for the masses on top of SAFE (so we recoup investment/time effort and stable earning to fund future integrations and bit of passive profit afterward).


Well, I hope Polarity proves itself and does great. Then people might put in a good word for it on this forum for free.



Having been thinking about this for a while, I’ve brainstormed workflows wherein it is indeed possible, yet not optimal with the launch features as you mention. There’s a design progression with manual and trust-requiring on one side and automated and trustless on the other. Moving toward the optimal design requires additional Safe features beyond those designated for launch.

If you or others would be interested in a dedicated topic to discuss the issue, share ideas, and identify what Safe features are essential for the varying designs, I’d be willing to create it.


You can host the front-end client on the safe network with ease. I’ve already published websites with success on early shared-network and that works fine. One can initially have a back-end server running somewhere else and then later migrate the whole app as a decentralized database on the network itself.
With versionable sites that shouldn’t be an issue I assume.


This would be a risky venture to initially drive the backend through clearnet, I would not want to give the false feel people think just because we host frontend on SAFE that the whole site end 2 end is decentralized and protected from shutdowns, server hacks etc. Has to be all or none imo. Hopefully later iterations of SAFE can add a feature that will enable a new breed of websites that need fast transactions to be feasible.

I am very interested in it and also interested in your musings and thoughts for how it could be done initially and what iterations/features we would need to make it top notch.


Agreed that’s what we ultimately want. You can already build a fully independent client-side SPA that fetches the immutable data without needing any server whatsoever.


Did anyone here give Polarity a try using their other offerings?

Just noticed its better to post this here:

Hey guys, seeing the recent Bittrex news got me a bit worried, and I feel it troubles some of you as well. There might be something I could do, but I’d like the communities opinion first:

I recently joined the NEXT.exchange team, after I offered my services due to a bad initial launch and some internal team issues. We recently re-launched our exchange, still with some minor bugs here and there. I could get MAID listed, but given our history of poor exchanges I wanted to wait a bit more before we solved all bugs. Now that I came to realize just how vulnerable we are we just the 1 exchange I’m starting to think pushing this listing forward might be a good idea.

What do you guys think?

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There’s many ‘experts’ in the Altilly topic, you might want to try and ask them how to make your exchange impossible to hack. But i am afreaid they probably prefer to wait with commenting until after the inevitable hack.

Personally i would welcome any new exchange offering MAID pairs. If NEXT has learned from mistakes made by other exhanges in the past, and can offer certain guarantees and/or convince the ones responsible here, then i see no reason why not.

I don’t mind to try it out and move a small amount to trade once its done.

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What would this entail? As with Altilly if it is free to get listed I think the more the merrier.
Nobody is forced to use smaller, new exchanges.

Will it be open to US users?


“…What if Bisq was packaged up with the Safe Network? It’s open source (99% sure) … Maybe @maidsafe team could convert it to Rust, and build it into the Network itself … that would deal with liquidity possibly as many people would automatically have access to it. Seems like a win to me.”

Quote from @TylerAbeoJordan over on the what’s up thread, which I share the sentiment of, Bisq is probably worth checking out @jeremyjpj0916 and @anon57419684 in relation to what you’re discussing here too. Posting it here just in case. And it is all free and open source, AGPL v3, had a check on github there. If it makes no sense and is of no help, forgive me, and in any case keep going and good luck, discussion of decentralised exchanges on Safe gets me excited.