Potential Exchange Listings

EDIT: This thread has been updated to serve as a place for people to post links to applications for exchanges to which they think MaidSafe should apply.

OP: I connected with @Birdinc1 earlier today about exchange listing opportunities. He plans to reach out to Ionomy this coming week, and also mentioned Altilly to me. Altilly is accepting listing applications and is willing to forego listing fees until 12/31. I’d be happy to fill out the application; however, only a core team member from the project can apply for the listing.

In general, @maidsafe meets the requirements for listing. See here for more information: https://www.altilly.com/page/addasset

If anyone has experience with Altilly, please comment about how reliable you’ve found this exchange to be/anything you know about their reputation. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know as well.


Read that link. That’s cool that we do easily qualify! I’ll check out the exchange soon. I hadn’t heard of it before.


Altilly is a solid exchange and very active listing new projects.


No fees only until end December and looks like a shoo-in.
Timing certainly sucks as I am sure all hands are on deck right now.
What constitutes a core team member, an employee? I’d chip in to make it worth @frabrunelle’s time if he is up for it and has the time.


I honestly think that anyone with a maidsafe.net email address would be fine. Agreed that I’d be happy to support @frabrunelle as well.


As a quick update here, we’re working on trying to make this happen. More to come! Hopefully we’ll have another positive surprise this month. :smile:


Have you done any research into who runs the exchange?
I thought I’d have a little look and found this.

Now Michael osullivan bct profile still links to altilly, but he’s no where to be seen on team members now.
3 ppl are listed, but Google found very little on 2 of them.

Could all be above board, and I have seen good reviews, but well worth looking into.

Unfortunately its not open to US citizens, but thats not uncommon nowadays.

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You also can’t trust their volume, as in my quick look I’ve seen them openly promote their own volume bot.



If anyone has used Altilly, please share your experience. The reviews I’ve seen have been positive this far.

@Birdinc1 gave me the name of the CEO, so I connected with him on LinkedIn this week. Here are links to his LinkedIn profile and Crunchbase page.

I haven’t initiated direct conversation with him as I’m technically not part of the MaidSafe team. The application has been submitted by the MaidSafe team, however.


Wash trading is illegal.
Up to everyone where they put their money, and I appreciate your effort here.
I will not support this exchange personally.


Thank you for surfacing this! Here’s a link to the excerpt @bones posted: https://www.altilly.com/downloads/Altilly_Developer_Market_Guide.pdf.

The last thing this project needs is another poor exchange experience. @Birdinc1, are you aware of Altilly’s volume bot usage?


Anyone could wash trade on Bittrex. Having another exchange is better than nothing at all.


Anyone can sure, but an exchange creator openly promoting a wash bot and offering it for free gives a bad impression.
If they are openly admitting illegal acts, what makes you think they will think twice about running with your funds?
It doesn’t inspire confidence.
As I said, ppl are free to do as they wish.


I don’t want to make another thread, but I’m not sure bitfinex have listing fees?

Can someone from MaidSafe spend 5 minutes to fill out the form?


As with the Altilly app, I’m happy to pre-populate this app and pass on to the MaidSafe team to lighten the load.

I’m going to update the name of this thread to: Potential Exchange Listings. If there’s an exchange you think MaidSafe should apply to, please post a link to this thread.


What are your guys n gals thoughts on binance?
I’ve had a bad year with so little work, but I’d gladly chip in some maid to be listed there.
99k maid at current prices doesn’t seem to bad to me.

Of these we already have 10200 MAID from the marketing fund, so that in reality only 88800 MAID remain to be collected :dragon:

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I think that 1000 BNB is for minting a BEP2 and listing on binance DEX. Which would still require some kind of token swap just like with ERC20

Do you know much about binance though.
1000 bnb to list.
But do we need to provide liquidity on top?
I’m pretty clueless, but its a well known exchange.
I think with normal order books?

Yep, I feel your correct, but hopefully that’s a work in progress.