Potential Death of Religion

The potential death of religion.

What follows is an anecdotal from this apparently trending potential excerpted from a grief support group thread, followed by some speculation on my part.

"Hello Everyone.

I want to share something with you that has changed my entire life: how I look upon Death, the Soul, and the entire Universe.

My daughter Nicole died on April 2, 2010 at age 26 of an RX drug overdose. She left behind a beautiful little boy, a Fiancee, a grieving family, and as you all well know (most from personal experience), a destroyed mother. I honestly did not know the human body was capable of crying for HOURS every day for months on end, but it is. My eyes actually got infected from crying so much, and my blood sugar spiraled out of control because I could not remember to take my medication. I often spent the entire day in bed and seldom went out. Most of all, I loathed the platitudes mindless people would say out of ignorance, attempted kindness, or whatever their reasons were. Ugh. What a mess.

Nicole has not been in her Urn yet a year and yesterday would have been her 27th birthday. Never in my widest dreams, hopes and wishes did I think I could get through that day without being devastated and made useless by grief. But I did.

I not only got through it without tears, but I prepared a nice dinner for my husband and myself that Nicole would have loved, got her a beautiful wreath of Jasmine for her Sacred Space in our home, and laughed my butt off at the stupidity of America’s Funniest Videos.

You are probably wondering what the Hell I smoked, huh? I would have wondered that myself had it not been for a life-changing event that took place last month on January 5, 2011. What could have occurred that was so profound that it could give a very strong-willed and driven woman the Peace, Love and Understanding that even she, with all her attitude, strength and determination, could not even begin to start, much less achieve? What was so powerful that it could change a person’s entire life and outlook in the space of a few hours?

I will share with you what took place in my life, for it is surely worth sharing.

Many years ago my mom gave me a book called Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton, PHD. Dr. Newton was a regular kinda shrink and hypnotherapist that used hypnosis to help heal his patients. One day he somehow regressed a patient into the life that we live BETWEEN our lives and the information she revealed to him puzzled the daylights out of him. He was not aiming at this and actually thought it might be a bunch of baloney. But it intrigued him so much that he began to try to do it with other clients, and ultimately developed the first somewhat scientific approach to regressing people to the Spirit World.

What amazed Dr. Newton was the consistency of what his clients told him. They were from all walks of life, all races, all sexes, all religions, and all backgrounds. But the stories they told while under deep hypnosis were so remarkably similar and consistent that he knew they were telling the truth about what they saw.

Dr. Newton also wrote several other best-sellers, including Destiny of Souls, the sequel to Journey of Souls. After Nicole died, I got his 3rd book, Memories of the Afterlife. After reading it, I decided I simply had to know several truths about my current life: why my daughter died, who my soul group is, who I was in a past life, and why I chose my current body riddled with illness, breakage, and absolute suffering, both physical, mental and emotional. I wanted to know if I really did have a “Spirt Guide” and if so, was this entity the one that had been guiding me my entire life and actually saved my life on several occasions?

So I decided to try to find Dr. Newton as he lives in California, where I live. I was at first dismayed to find that he no longer practices, but was overjoyed to also discover he started The Newton Institute, where he consults with other therapists and trains them explicitly in his methods of hypnotherapy and regression.

I was amazed to discover that people from all over the world seek out therapists from his training and travel thousands of miles for a mere 6 hour session!

So, I went to his website http://www.spiritualregression.org/ and looked up someone close to me. Scott Fitzgerald de Tamble was not the first person I chose. But after choosing another, that little voice came to me yet again and told me that a different person was on my path, and I ultimately chose Scott. Lucky for me, he was less than 2 hours north of us!

So…on January Fifth of the Year Two Thousand and Eleven I began the journey that was to change my entire life.

I found out more than I can possibly tell on this website. I am generally an articulate and decent writer, but for this experience my words fail me utterly for there are none to describe the places I traveled to, the people I saw, and the answers that were finally revealed to me after 47 years on this Earth.

I saw my beautiful daughter, found out why she left, found out why I suffer so much, discovered who my soul group members are, who my Master Teacher is, who I was in a past life, and so much more I cannot say. I found out my soul age, my purpose in this world, and how easy it would be for me to simply move forward in joy and happiness in my tormented life.

Sounds like a lot to swallow, huh? Both my husband and I (he was allowed to attend!) were actually pretty skeptical as we drove there. But that’s good because it made us more objective. Still, I look back at our skepticism and laugh now!

Can SIX HOURS change the course of a person’s life forever? Can a quarter of a day actually halt in it’s very tracks much of the destructive aspects of complex and overwhelming grief? I don’t know about everyone else. But for me the answer is a resounding YES!!!

Since the day of the session I have cried once a few days ago at a song I listened to. But it was different. Just a wistful and sweetly sad bit of tears because I miss her Earthly presence and always will. But it lasted less than 5 minutes and I was fine after that. The most amazing thing is that I STILL GRIVE but in an extremely different way. If I want to cry, I will cry. If I want to yell, I will yell. If I want to stay in bed all day and feel sorry for myself I will do JUST THAT.

But the difference is that I DON’T want to do those things anymore!!! They just stopped for me.

The after affects of my Life Between Lives session just keep on giving. I was told by my Council of Elders how to improve my health and energy and it is working. I can contact Nicole any time I wish and we are actually closer than when she was on Earth. The doors of the pathway to the Spirit World have been flung wide open, and I can go there now with much greater ease. I always did use meditation, but now I can take it to all new heights.

My therapist emailed me a lovely set of CD’s about 3 weeks after the session, and as I listened to them I was just floored at the things I revealed.
Reading the books did not ruin the experience in any way; my session was different than many of the cases profiled. I was worried that reading it might influence me in some way to “copy” or “repeat” what I had read, but I had nothing to worry about. Haha. I am my own unique person, and had my own unique experience.

I was very impressed when Scott told me I was one of the easiest clients he has ever worked with. I was so worried I could not be “hypnotized” or “go under” or anything like that. The reality of hypnosis is so much different than the imagined stuff we see on tv and talk shows!

This session cost $420 dollars. Truthfully, if I had a million dollars and that is what it cost, I would have paid it. No price would have been too high for the payoff I received. And no…nobody from the Newton Institute, even Scott himself knows I wrote this and I’m not getting a discounted session or anything. LOL I share it because it is too precious to me not to share and because it has brought me the joy that I never thought I would feel again towards life. I am back to my jewelry design, shopping with my best friend, and most of all planning for our retirement and travel in a few years and actually looking forward to life for the first time in many years.

So. Here I am today. Actually washed, dressed and with a clean house. Thinking about starting to ride my horse again when a ligament injury heals up. I am smiling as I write and recall this experience. Yes, I will still have chronic pain, and my child is still physically gone from me. I will continue to loose people I love in this world. But now I know where to TRULY find them whenever I wish!!

Peace and MANY HAPPY TRAILS to you all!~

AvieMare (Sherry.)"

Although there are many recent studies correlating faith with physical and psychological wellness, religion vice spirituality is a political construct historically meant to regulate behavior through fear and denial. In practice it helps maintain the fear political rule requires to exist. Religion focuses on death and instills fear of death in order to control behavior. It’s a variant of the Santa Clause myth.

Reincarnation in particular is a threatening idea because it has the potential to negate the fear of death and with it the authority of both religion and fear based politics. The reincarnitive doctrine was removed from Christianity early on. What good is a religious doctrine focused on events in the remote historical past in order to make claims about an afterlife if people come to the conclusion that they can remember the afterlife from their own time spent between incarnations? In old Greek religion only the sage need drink from the river of memory the average person was encouraged to forget. In Hinduism if you don’t behave properly the mechansim of transmigration may devolve you into a lower more miserable being- social demotion. In Buddhism, remembering is a byproduct of full enlightenment, a curiosity and a distraction by the insubstantial. Under religion there is no meta perspective. Religion is not threatened by materialism which also concurs there is no meta perspective. Materialism is possibly the highest expression of the social demotion religion aims for as the value of human life is more apt to be reduced to the economic value of its chemical bill of materials.

There are perspectives that are obviously threatening to fear based power. A population that wanted to sit around and smoke weed all day would be akin to a total vote of no confidence in the ruling power, the population simply wouldn’t be feeling enough of the fear to sustain fear. A population where the average person felt completely responsible for their own experience, had no sense of blame and no real fear of death, and no overriding hunger for experience would be a similar problem for political power. Our tech and communication systems may be removing our veils and taking us in the direction of a societies that are much more resistant to coercion.

Our technology seems aimed at making time, space and causality less substantial and more transparent. For instance with the internet, memory and forgetting are less of an issue- who remembers phone numbers, who has to necessarily hold on to a bunch of ‘facts’ when it so easy to reference the latest consensus with the aid of search? With the net collapsing the distribution of need and want in time and space there is less need for denial and social levels. These trends erode hierarchy and the value that could be placed upon it and also privileged and the coercion that sustains it. It’s possible they eliminate it to such a degree with social experience becoming so uniformly transparent and accepting that even privacy ceases to be an issue.

Think of a child playing a violent video game. Are they programming death into their psyche as if they were goal setting for life on a battlefield or are they reducing their fear of death by identifying with immortal screen characters that come back to life in round after round? What are they doing when they discover the level editor and use it in a social context? Adults know the experience of the level editor from dreams. When we become lucid in a dream and realize the dream is of possibly little consequence our will power seems to expand as does our our seeming control over the dream environment. And the dream environment, like video games retains that flexibility with regard to time, space and causality. The constant, across life, dreams and tech like video games seems to be a sense of development. With dreams a string of dreams may be needed to see a pattern of development but it’s still there and that development theme in video games is what make the best games work. It also works in movies for plot and character development.

So here comes the punch line. Richard Martini recently did a book call “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” and a film called “Flipside.” In the book he details the work on “Life Between Lives.” It’s got some good scientists and a mountain of results and stories that stand up to correspondence and consensus tests. But it’s the world view that could eradicate religion and it’s indoctrination that is potentially so appealing. What is radical and possibly unexpected is it reintroduces us to a story we know so well. Its the story behind stories. Call it development, or continuity or simply say it’s the story of the best predictor of the future being the past. On the other side or the “flipside,” it’s continuity, its simply school. Being that its developmental on the other side there are some levels but then its apparent that there are no levels because it’s all transparent (no real veils or amnesia) and there is no real sense of separation. If there is any sense of separation it’s a vague sense of longing for what is on the other side of the developmental journey or for what put us on the journey in the first place. But nothing is linear not even time so there is no ability to project or place blame, there is just the developmental path and no real coercion. There is also this incredible sense of wholeness. And it’s us that authors our experiences and our way back at our own pace. We are responsible for our own experience.

This goes beyond changing channels on states of consciousness and gets rid of the nagging sense of unworthiness, uncertainty, lack of trust, vague fear and doubt that so many of us are plagued by, often as a result of the political and religious scene. It also makes a statement that it if this stuff is starting to shine through like a forgotten dream (even though it’s a higher or more expanded reality context) it must have been scripted. The old scriptures were like vague place holders, idols subject to interpretation, this personal script content is much more pin point. It might help to note that practical types like George Patton, Henry Ford, and Tesla had integrated the basic idea as well as some of the better skeptics and philosophers people like Hume, Emerson and Thoreau. Also there isn’t any grandiosity. On the contrary, just like screen writers and movie critics don’t like movies full of flawless people, our deeper selves don’t shy away from disability or grit.