Potential Chrome plugin for the Safe Network

I think for long term adoption of this project - I 'REALLY" hope that someone develops a plug in or something for SAFEnetwork to work with Chrome. And make the process extremely user friendly. Set up mock user groups from all age groups to get ideas on UX ideas that make it easy for them. Ages 10-45 should be the target audience.

A chrome plug in with extremely user friendly UX design would be a good start. That would bring content on to the network as well. Or may be a website like Safenet.com or something where people can sign up and start using safe internet, store files etc. Everything else runs on the background. Once people get comfortable with using SAFE network, they may move to using SAFE browser and mobile browser etc. Asking to use SAFE browser upfront may turn back many users as most are non-technical and their habits wont change easy. And would make the adoption of SAFEnet weak - in my mind.


Doubt Maidsafe will do this. From their fundamentals

http(s) is a clearnet service.

Of course what you are asking is in effect to wean people by telling them use this real secure network, but connect to it insecurely. Like making good coffee and then putting it into a dirty cup, just doesn’t work and makes the good coffee taste like sh*t. Think of all the complaints and claims of fail as people get their secure data stolen by trying to combine the two.

For instance Chrome will send off your safe URL or safe data to google search system because chrome will still have all the clearnet tracking and unknown URL data sending.

Another instance is a cracker creates a safe site with clearnet URLs embedded that downloads malware or is a phishing site. ie all the insecurities of the clearnet even though you are using the plugin.