Post reply scrolls thread backwards

On mobile, whenever I post a reply, the topic is resumed some way back and the new post is out of view. If I don’t then manually scroll it back into view, it remains unread, which is annoying!

Edit: I’m pretty sure this started happening when we upgraded and the new scroll mechanism was introduced.

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Yeah I’ve been having this too sometimes.

Thought it was just my phone, but yeah it’s only on this website, now that I think about it

I’m not sure I fully understand the issue (I haven’t been able to reproduce it).

If it happens to you often, I would recommend opening a bug report on the Discourse Meta forum :slight_smile:

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OK Francis, will do. This happens every time I reply to a post.

Edit: bug posted here:

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Looks like unchecking “Don’t jump to my post after I reply” helps.

After one test it seems to stop the scroll backwards in reply, but it still happens on edit.